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Jul 21, 2011 09:42 AM

Prime @ Le Meridien

Read this article:

Steeling myself to order the prime rib, but bailed out at the last minute!

The idea of spending 200USD on a steak is a bit rich for me, so ordered the skirt.

Mind blowing!

And after working through the wonderful street reccos on this board and malaysiasmostwanted (!), adifferent experience.

Tried Wong Kee, Soon fat (goose), Yut kee, etc.

Now in Malacca:

Nadjes Patisserie alone is worth the visit, for the mille crepe, a bit like the Goan Bibinca. Photos to follow.

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  1. Houston we have a problem!

    Photo from Prime stuck in Camera!

    Have a gander at the mille crepe, meanwhile


      What Jason does not mention is that they've added ten more flavours! This is mango. I think I died and woke up in Heaven...

      Alternate site for Prime photo:


      1. For a nice cut of beef, IMO, its a waste to smothered it with all those sauces and mask the 'beefy taste' . Good seasalt and really high heat is all you need??!!

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          The sauces were terrible, truffle, bearnaise and a type of saffron based sauce. Kept it aside. I enjoyed the skirt without embellishment.

          Wagyu is supposed to be cooked on low flame? Even a candle does the job. The steak was super tender, melting in the mouth.

          The starter was the foie gras experience: served three ways. 1) Pate, with a brulee-d crust, 2) seared with butter and 3)in a terrine. I've had better.

          The bread, made in house was excellent, accompanied with herb , plain and paprika butter. The last is the angry looking petri dish at the bottom! Good stuff, providing a palate cleansing for the different foie gras.

          I relished the steak the most!

          edit: Sorry, the photo I took was the oyster blade.

          My wife had the skirt. She's not too much into beef, but she agrees the oyster blade was better.

          BTW, the recco is from another thread listing the best of KL, best Thai, best Japanese, etc.

          1. re: antonego07

            Yes, the Time Out KL 2010 list:


            But Le Midi at Bangsar (which was relatively new then) was not on the list - I'm sure that will be rectified in this year's list. As for the Press Room (Best New restaurant), sad to say it has stagnated somewhat.

            1. re: antonego07

              Agreed, the sauces at Prime are not up to scratch considering the price points for the steaks. Some of the sauces actually taste bad.
              My favourite at Prime is the wagyu rib eye. Have had mixed experiences with the non-wagyu cuts, e.g., US black angus.
              They used to have a fabulous & rich choc cake (tastes homemade) but have unfortunately replaced it with a choc lava cake, which is oh so common these days.
              My main gripe with Prime is the sky high pricing and service is never friendly.

              1. re: KLfoodie

                Agree on all points! Bad service, bad sauce, unrealistic pricing.

                I'm in the middle of a discussion on steak on another website, where the contention is that Japanese (and Australian) wagyu and American Angus are the best types of steak. Having never had wagyu, I must say that they are right. I have cooked steak at restaurants in Europe, and the meat there does fall short, even the best cuts. But they do a good sauce: my bearnaise is rich and thick, and fills the mouth with a warm infusion of taste and flavour!