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Jul 21, 2011 09:28 AM
Discussion is a.mazing!

Had an impromptu dinner at last night. We were seated in the only available seats -- bar stools that abut the open kitchen. These are, hands down, the best seats in the house! I just loved watching the chefs prepare and plate all the dishes, and since my husband and I were sitting right next to each other, we could actually have a conversation. The noise level in there is deafening.

We had:
beets with broc rabe served on a thin layer of a rich, creamy, but still tangy honey yogurt.
tuna escabeche -- every component perfect by itself, spectacular together.
sockeye salmon and caramelized leeks -- simple and delicious

a.welcome addition to the neighborhood!

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  1. So we've heard:

    sounds like they are doing really interesting stuff! was it warm, sitting by the open kitchen?

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    1. Wow I love this place too! Stopped by yesterday after work for a light meal before going out to the movies. No reservations, but no trouble being seated at the counter where you can watch all the food being prepared right in front of you. The food was delightful! Especially memorable were the crab faro pesto salad and the dessert of almond macaroons, fresh peaches and whipped cream. Service was fast, friendly and professional. Thanks for a great meal,!

        1. I'm feeling like the only dissenting opinion. I went there for brunch last month, and had incompetent service all around: servers that took forever to take our order, food that took about 45 minutes to arrive (the place wasn't that crowded), and items on the menu that the servers didn't even know about. The food was OK, but a little on the fussily pretension side - they passed off a pressed potato hash as rösti (it simply wasn't rösti) and a cappuccino as a cafe cortado. Do they save their A game for dinner?

          I do like the space, I will say.

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            Craig Laban just raved about in a 3-bell review. Just reading it made me hungry!

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              The Bride & I were underwhelmed as well, at dinnertime. Nothing that we ordered seemed to elevate above 'ok but not excellent'. The pot de creme dessert (which Craig LeBan wrote as "overgelled" was like a bucket of thick tar. I didn't finish it; the first time in a very very long time I can remember not finishing a dessert.

              Off topic but we had a wonderful dinner at Kennett last night which we enjoyed 10x more.

            2. updating a thread that's a few months old...
              we ate at on friday, and were very pleased. didn't get that much - we had a small appetizer of carrots and parsnips, then for the 'mains' we had a seafood stew and a pasta with duck. both were excellent. i don't know that i'd call it 'small plates' - it isn't large plates, but we both left full. granted, we had them bring us extra bread a few times, but the bread was excellent anyway, so that worked out well.
              i was worried that it woudl be more precious, but it really felt pretty laid-back. i do wish it had a less goofy name, but that won't keep me from going back.