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Jul 21, 2011 09:20 AM

Our Blue Star range has been installed!

After 3 years of hemming and hawwing, last month we ordered a Blue Star 30" range (would have loved a 36" but just no room for it.) We picked a French Blue with red orange knobs and it is definitely a statement. Right now we have the oven going to burn off all the solvents and cleaners but will definitely be cooking with it tonight--pizza to try out the infrared, pasta to see how fast water will boil as well as making that pasta into a dish that will let us test the infrared broiler.

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  1. Enjoy your range, I hope it brings you hours of cooking enjoyment!

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    1. re: JEN10

      Thanks so much Jen10. Almost time to start cooking here. First dish--fig, proscuitto, Roquefort and walnut pizza.

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          First meal, it cut pizza cooking time by 25%, was too hot on high for sauteeing and cut pasta water boiling time from 20 minutes down to 14. And it still looks cute.

    2. I've been lovin my 36" Blue Star for four years.
      Some tips based on experience and gleaned from various threads online might be of interest to you: I agree with the owner who said that "Blue Stars don't like to be cleaned." That said, when they are really greasy, the cast iron cook top pieces clean well in the dish washer. Don't wipe, clean or even touch the igniters: trying to clean them will likely break them; touching the tip will give you a shock. Allow plenty of time for the oven to heat up--at least ten minutes beyond when the oven blue light turns off. Sheet pans of cookies and pastry do best if rotated, even with the blower on. The oven door and the plate beneath it get quite hot.

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        Could you please tell me more about "Blue Stars don't like to be cleaned." I've been hoping to finally keep a range clean, at least on top. What is it about cleaning that the BS doesn't like? Thanks.

        1. re: escondido123

          Clean it, but leave the igniters alone. A fast wipe of a burner bowl, done carelessly, can whack an igniter. Putting the cast iron stars and bowls in the dish washer works, but they're very heavy and should be removed and replaced with attention. It's easy to scratch the stainless steel back splash panel in the process, for example. Instead, go to the hardware store and buy a steel brush (not copper or brass) --TOOTH BRUSH sized. Between heavy cleanings, a steel brush nicely removes splater from the burner tops.

          That said, I alone clean the stove. It's off limits to both the cleaning lady and The LIttle Woman, both of whom are more than happy to leave the thing alone but not without comments, such as "we think it's maybe time for you to clean the stove top."

          1. re: GeezerGourmet

            Thanks for the info on the igniters. Now if I could only convince my husband that he's the only one with the right technique for cleaning the BS!

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            How hot does the oven door get? I have two small kids, would they get burned if touched? Looking for a new range. I like the stove part of it but the heat on the oven door concerns me. I don't want to always be watching to see if anyone will be touching it.

            1. re: Isewake

              I have no hard data on that. Contact the manufacturer.

              1. re: GeezerGourmet

                My understanding (from several years ago) is that for BS to have a UL listing, they can't have anywhere that exceeds 180F on the surface. Hot enough that you touch and know to pull back (doesn't burn like over 212F would), but it would burn you if you touched and held against it.

                We got ours when the Chowpup was 1, and we've made it through to the other side 5 years later. No problems.

          3. Tonight we did oven fries and cheeseburgers. We used convection on the fries and they were wonderful, still trying to get the heat under control on the burgers, overcooked but with a great crust. The journey continues.

            1. Update on the Blue Star. Does this baby put out the heat! Last night, we made spaghetti and when we put the pasta into the water I saw a true rolling boil for the first time--if we hadn't turned it down the big pot of water would have boiled right over. This morning I made Sunday pancakes using a heavy griddle that spans 2 burners. Burned three of the cakes until I got the heat under control, setting off the smoke alarm for a few seconds. We're finding that the oven holds steady at 350 and at 500, seems to fluctuate at 450. Also, the heavy cast iron burners that cover the top do hold heat after you're done...not so great in the summer but could become a SoCal Aga in the winter. Still loving the vibrant color combo--if I can find my camera will post a pic--it makes me smile and think of France every time I look at it.

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                It makes cooking a pleasure on a beast like that.

              2. If anyone is interested, here's a picture of it.

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                1. re: escondido123

                  I guess I can forgive that- it isn't blatantly a FL Gator or Auburn Tiger range. I'd much rather see a red range with white knobs, though (Roll Tide!). ;-)

                  1. re: ted

                    I have to assume that is a sports reference, but I have no idea what.

                  2. re: escondido123

                    She is a beauty, love her up good!

                    1. re: escondido123

                      LOVE the color combo!!! Thanks for the input - started building plans and of course the kitchen is the most important room.