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Jul 21, 2011 09:15 AM

Lunch and/or supper in C-town before seeing "Anne"

My 13-year-old son and I will be taking my mother to see "Anne of Green Gables" on August 3rd, and plan to spend the afternoon in Charlottetown. I'm looking for lunch and/or dinner suggestions that would be suitable for our group of three. My mother doesn't drink, and my son is under age, so I assume the pubs are out-of-bounds. We all like seafood, and are reasonably adventuresome eaters. I like fresh, made-by a-real-person (as opposed to "came from a can") meals when I eat out, but it doesn't need to be fancy.

We'll be staying overnight somewhere (haven't gotten that far yet), so we could probably use a breakfast suggestion, too; otherwise, I just know we'll end up eating McMuffins or TimBits (not that there's anything wrong with TimBits, of course).


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  1. We went to C'Town last year, and really enjoyed 'The Gahan House'.... Great seafood, and you can sit in the 'restaurant' side (versus the 'bar' side) easily. Easy walk to the theatre... Try the bacon-wrapped scallops - you will order more than just one order!

    Very impressed overall!

    1. I don't have any suggestions (not too familiar with Charlottetown's offerings) but a pub is not a problem for someone underage at that time of day as long as you are with your son. We recently ate dinner on the patio at the Old Tringle in Chatlottetown with out two children, who were given the children's menu.

      The food was good, but probably not what you are looking for, as it us well-done pub food.