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Jul 21, 2011 09:14 AM

Heartbroken Hoof Cafe lovers NEED recommendations!

I have no illusions that people mourning the Hoof Cafe isn't a common theme, but I can't help but feel my girlfriend and I were hit the hardest.
Being work-from-homers we often spent Wednesday, Thursday or Friday mornings there, and even sometimes fared the insane weekend brunch lines. I feel like a broken record because it feels like they're all I post about on here- I just posted the Suckling Pig eggs Benny on the "best thing you ever ate" Toronto thread.
We need a replacement badly.
Not necessarily snout-to-tail, but inventive, tasty breakfast food in a good atmosphere, if it's meaty all the better!
Toronto is practically the brunch capital of the world- there must be somewhere that will sate our pining appetites!

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  1. Definitely recommend Beast for brunch, and dinner as well. It's not quite Hoof but it's not that far off.

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    1. re: jamesm

      Yeah, that's what I keep hearing and what I figured, but it's pricey and the brunch lines must be insane!
      Anyone tried the Stockyards breakkie? Deep-fried poached eggs?

      1. re: RotaryMobile

        I also lament the loss of the Hoof Cafe. I have yet to try Beast for brunch (soon) but the Stockyards is a tasty option but the menu is more "down home" than the Hoof Cafe. Try the "Shirred Eggs" and the buttermilk biscuits.

        btw the Stockyards is not licensed and therefore no Mimosa's to go with your brunch.

        1. re: RotaryMobile

          I'm a fan of the Stockyards brunch menu. I thought that the fried chicken on their regular menu was just OK, but the fried chicken sitting on waffles with a side of spicy maple sauce is just fantastic. The egg dishes are pretty good too. I think they add just enough novelty that I don't walk away thinking "next time, I'm just going to stay home and poach my own eggs," as I do at most brunch spots.

          1. re: RotaryMobile

            I agree with the other posts....defintiely give The Beast a try. I loved it.
            Stockyard's deep fried poached eggs were delicious! Something that i definitely wouldn't be making a home.

          2. re: jamesm

            Would definitely second Beast for brunch, but I would not describe it as pricey, particularly given the quality of the food.

            1. re: sloweater

              I didn't feel it was expensive either. In fact, unless I'm totally not remembering correctly it's on par or even slightly under Hoof's pricing.

          3. Parts & Labour.

            Parts & Labour
            1566 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R, CA