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Jul 21, 2011 08:39 AM

Need fool-proof chocolate bundt cake recipe please

The fool in question would be me, I never bake because my track record is so spotty. But I need to produce a really good chocolate bundt cake this weekend to go with the dinner I am making for a family with a new baby. I did find this recipe in the Signature Desserts thread but would love some wise advice and counsel from all you good bakers out there about whether this is the right recipe for my purposes, and if so, should I be using a Kitchen Aid or old-fashioned beaters to make it with (very limited Kitchen Aid experience).

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  1. You cannot do better than CI's Sour Cream Chocolate Bundt cake. I would use the flat beater on my Kitchen Aid for sure.

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      Do you think I can use plain yogurt in place of the sour cream in CI's Sour Cream Chocolate Bundt Cake?

    2. This chocolate cake recipe is divine. I usually halve the chocolate chips because they settle to the bottom and then it's hard to get out of the pan. I get rave reviews everytime I make it and it so easy.

      1. I usually use Epicurious's chocolate stout cake as my layer cake, as it's hands-down the best chocolate cake I've ever made or eaten. But, as Deb shows us here, you can halve it for a perfect bundt cake. I've done it for fewer people and she's right - it works perfectly: