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Mar 16, 2006 08:32 AM

Lee's Sandwiches [moved from Los Angeles board]

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This is a relatively new chain that is mostly in orange county, but has one branch in Alhambra. I'd just like to know your thoughts, positive and negative. Thanks!


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  1. Lee's is well-established in Orange County.

    Lee's is to banh mi what McDonald's -- no, make that Carl's jr. -- is to hamburgers. It's not cutting edge or fabulous, but offers a workmanlike, dependable sandwich for a good price.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Lee's is a San Jose based chain with an empire that spans all of California, into Arizona and Texas. We're asking hounds to discuss this once-local enterprise on the General Topics board, where chains with a broader geographic scope are discussed.

      Please repost your question over there.


      1. Lee's sandwiches have the worst quality meat in them. They are tasteless, very fatty and are dyed a funny pink/red to hide the poor quality. Not even the bread is good. Don't support such an establishment that takes advantage of their customers. Demand better. Unfortuantely, I do not have another recommnedation at this time for good quality Vietnamese sandwiches. Still waiting for someone to step up and stand out.

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          KP's Deli (2616 Hyperion Ave., Silver Lake) has outstanding vietnamese sandwiches, and they're generously hoagie-size to boot.

        2. Always found their sandwiches good, usually get the roast pork. The sausage can be pink, I believe that's traditional. The bread had always been freshly baked. The hot or iced coffee with condensed milk is superb, so is the tea. Their prices are low and reasonable. There are much better places in Little Saigon, not too far from where I live, but for a chain Lee's has always seemed to give honest value. Their store in Little Saigon is always mobbed, as is their new store by UCI. I haven;t tried their crescent turkey sandwich, for example, but it looks good. By the way, you can buy a French baguette there and sometimes get a second one free, hot, just from the oven, very crunchy, very French, guaranteed to be stale next day.