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Jul 21, 2011 07:27 AM

Kuala Lumpur - Indonesian-Sundanese food at Dancing Fish

Helmed by the same team which used to run the House of Sundanese Food in Suria KLCC, this restaurant serves up the usual suspects, and they certainly did it very well (perhaps the best in KL, in fact). Guests are served the bitterish but very addictive emping belinjo crackers with sambal terasi dip upon sitting down.

What we had:
- Tauhu telor: delicious crispy mound of eggy tofu bathed in a sweet dark soy sauce;
- Soft-shell crab with mango salad - a touch of Thai rather than Indonesian or Malay here;
- Chicken rendang: a nice variation to the usual beef rendang. You get generous chunks of on-the-bone chicken here but in the usual thick rendang sauce. Spicier than expected though
- Nila goreng, a beautiful golden crisp-fried Ikan Nila fish, which you can even crunch on the crispy bones. Definitely the piece de resistance!
- Pucuk paku masak lemak: jungle ferns cooked in a yellow, turmeric-coconut curry sauce.

We ordered a combination of turmeric-tinged and white steamed rice to go with the dishes. Nice place, and very confident service from a seasoned team.

Address details
Dancing Fish (Malay-Indo Cuisine)
Lot T120-T122
3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre
285, Jalan Maarof
Tel: 03- 2095 6663

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  1. Dancing Fish is a hidden Indonesian gem with chef Nordin at the helm. Their satay ,smoked duck, grilled squid, and SAMBAL is fantastic. It ranked with Sage, and Fukuya/ Ando-san, for a gastronomic splurge in K.L.