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Jul 21, 2011 07:18 AM

Please help me with this: Is the Raleigh hotel okay? Food, clean?? What about Kutschers?

This family reunion thing is being planned and I am concerned about cleanliness and food quality. Please enlighten me about your experiences if you've been to either of these hotels this summer. Also, what was the crowd like? The organizer wants a "yeshivish" crowd. Yeesh.

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  1. We were there 3 years ago for Shabbos Nachamu. This is what I can tell you about our shabbos. The 1st room they assigned us truly made me want to vomit, seriously, it made my skin crawl. I went back to the busy front desk with a copy of their ad in my hand and told them the room assigned me DOES NOT look like this picture, I WANT this picture. They then gave me the key to another room and told me to go have a look and if it was ok, they would switch me. It was better, not like the picture, but definately acceptable. We are yeshivish, and the crowd was mostly Chasidic. It was ok, except for when I asked one of the front desk workers what time shabbos goes out and she said, "when its over "...REALLY ??? What"s that about...
    The food was plentiful and very good, all my kids enjoyed. The tea room was pathetic for a hotel, just hot water, coffee, and tea, no snacks. My kids were extremely diappointed as they are used to MUCH more elaborate tea rooms. Overall, it was ok, but we haven"t been back since. Hope this helps some.

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      It is what I was afraid of. I am worried most about the rooms. Thanks for this. I hope someone will update me on a more recent stay or will let me in on Kutschers.

    2. i was at the raleigh 3 weeks ago. first with the good, the food was very good, everything tasted fresh, and indeed was plentiful, must have put on 10 lbs over shabbos, the lobby was nice enough to enjoy with the family, now with the not so good, the rooms were aged to put it nicely, we had toilet trouble, and as far as crowd it is 99% chassidish,,,no yeshivish person there at all...but hey we are all jews...bottom line in the right situation with right company it can be a nice weekend...its all about the attitude...hope i helped

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        You did. It seems to be what everyone is saying. The decision was made and it will be the Raleigh. I hope our room will be somewhat okay. We will indeed be the only non-Chasidish people there and some of us are actually MO (good times!). Silly questions on the food, BP dude, was there a late-night tea room and did they serve some sort of cereal and milk for the kids on Shabbos morning or should I bring my own? Were the women wearing robes (I have to ask because that's actually a plus for me).

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          well i was there from fri afternoon till sun morn.....from the moment we arrived we were blasted with huge amounts of food...rundown..fri 3-6ish nice hot fleishig shmorg w/salads...fri nite nice full meal...and now to answer your qu..there was an oneg later as well...the tea room had milk coffee tea and some cake 24/7 i think atleast...shabbos morn there were delicious cheesecakes and assortment of other cake(marble, cocosh etc), milks, yogurts, and yes plain cerelas ie cornflakes and rice crispies as i recall(my 2 yr old opted for the cheesecake)...after davening was a kiddush ,and later the meal,and then a huge shalosh sueda shmorg and motzei shabbos was a huge melave malka think pizza, blintzes felafel salads fries onion rings, ice cream....again.they did NOT skimp on food and was delicous too...and for your final qu i was there for a simcha,,so my family was always in dress mode but as i recall the other woman ie guests were in robes....but dont hold me to that one...

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            BPdude, this is one of the best moments I've had on Chowhound. Thank you so much!

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              My experience at the Raleigh: pleasantly surprised. The food was excellent, ridiculously plentiful and presented very nicely. Varieties of salads in addition to the traditional. BPdude was right on. Hot meat shmorg on friday afternoon/early eve, full dinner, full viennese table after dinner, excellent kiddush with many salads, herrings and hot kugels, full lunch, excellent shalosh seudos with delicious whole salmons and even more salads, hot dairy melave malka (ziti, pizza, fries, onion rings, make your own falafel), delicous hot Sunday breakfast (fyi, get there early, they run out of their delicious hot rolls). BTW, there are different tiers of rooms. The deluxe rooms are clean, new carpet, okay. No damp smell anywhere. The crowd is as you reported 99% Chasidish so this is not for everyone. It was a nice experience for our family.

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                KUTCHERS IS A DUMP!! do not go.. went for passover 2 years ago