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Jul 21, 2011 06:06 AM

South Shore Iced Coffee

I am always looking to mix up my routine and the (near) daily iced coffee seems a great place to start. Sure location is a factor when I am getting one on the commute but it's always good to have a list of places to try when you are out and about.

For me the best iced coffee on the south shore is Mary Lou's. The fact they have quite a few locations is just a bonus. Next for me would be a tie between Coffee Break and any place that serves New England coffee. Coffee Break is really solid and they have a couple locations but now I think they are just in Quincy. I mostly got New England iced coffee from places in the city which is how I came to love it but the place that used to be Manions in Quincy serves it.

After that, IMO you get to the DDs, and Starbucks, etc. What else is out there that is worth trying and if anyone knows of Delis or Convenience Stores that have NE coffee I would appreciate it!! Alright, I need to make a trip for one right now because the post got me craving it bad haha...

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    1. One of my favorites is from Stars in Hingham. Also, not really South Shore, but just south of downtown Boston is McKenna's in Dorchester. Both their regular coffee and their iced coffee are excellent.

      1. My local favorite iced and hot coffee is the "Mud House" on Neponset Ave., right near Neponset Circle. May not be considered South Shore, but close enough.

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          Thanks for ideas despite how old my post was! I just went to the Mud House and the coffee was so good. I drink my iced coffee black so there is no covering up crappy beans. I am excited to try Stars and McKenna now as well. I wish these places were on my way to work but I will be making the trip back to the Mud House a few times a month now since I only work ten minutes away.

        2. Redeye Roaster is really the finest coffee, iced or otherwise I have had. It is directly across the street from Stars right on 3A in Hingham. You really must try it! Great atmosphere, fresh roasted coffee, warm and efficient service. Can't beat it. Opens at 6 week days.