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Jul 21, 2011 04:48 AM

"Fast Casual" Greek / Kebabs / Skewers / Gyro / Souvlaki - Boca Raton and Elsewhere

Suddenly a few "Fast Casual" Greek / Mediteranean / Kebabs / Skewer / Gyro / Souvlaki restaurants are opening up.

In the Boca area we've got "Souvlaki Fast" (one in Mizner and one on US1 and SR).

Also just opening is Gyroville over by Five Guys near Town Center.

I think these places are smart and they're going to put some hurting on some of the more traditional Greek / Med spots. Walk around say Washington DC and you can find these new type places all over.

IMHO a lot of the traditional places are over-priced.

Typically you get a small amount of cheap protein (ground meat formed as a skewer or kabob) over boring rice/carb with a boring side salad of iceberg lettuce, hothouse tomato and blase dressing. And this often goes for $12-$16 range.

There new places are dropping the price point and giving you much more interestiong options.

Souvlaki Fast looked very clean and "organized" when I walked by recently.

Gyroville looks like a Greek "Chiptotle" from the website.

Comments / buzz? I'll be visiting both soon.

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  1. Ooh I'm excited by Gyroville it's right by my office. What is gyro meat? Is it lamb which is what I'd hope and expect.

    1. Don't forget Boca Skewers (near Mizner Park and the post office) - recommended by Mat Josher and his girlfriend :) I haven't gone there yet, but I will.

      I went to Souvlaki Fast on Spanish River and Federal yesterday for lunch. I can walk there in less than 3 minutes so I plan on going there more often.

      I really enjoyed it. I had a greek salad (it was huge, very fresh and loaded with feta) and I had them add the beef/lamb gyro meat on top. The salad was great, but you know that meat always looks and tastes better in a pita/gyro, not really on top of a salad. It's just not a pretty meat lol. But what better way to put that meat to the test than to eat it all by itself? :)

      I thought it was delicious. I wouldn't hesitate to order it again or the chicken (which looked very good). It's a cute place and very clean. I do want to try some of the other meats like the fish, pork, rib eye and chicken.

      They had some of the best tzatziki sauce I've had anywhere. :) The menu is basic gyro and souvlaki dishes, salads and some Greek sides like spinach pie, baklava, hummus and dolmades. I really like that they have different meat and fish options for gyros, souvlaki platters and salads.

      Oh, one thing, at the moment, since it's new, it's cash only. I imagine that will be resolved soon but I didn't ask.

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      1. re: OysterHo

        pga and military mr. gyros truly authentic saganaki and all

        prosperity farms and pga olympia greek awesome

        1. re: seminole phil

          Oh yes, Mr. Gyros in PBG is a great place for lunch and inexpensive. Charles Passay gave them a great write up over a year ago or more. They have great wraps and side salads, owner is super friendly, appreciative of all customers, and their homemade hot pepper salsa sauce is worth buying a bottle for take home.

      2. I liked Gyroville. Tasty tazatziki, the grape leaves were yummy... it is basically Chipotle gone Greek, but the owner is actually Greek and it shows in the food. Though it annoys the heck outta me that they pronounce gyro like how gyro-copter would be pronounced. ON PURPOSE. My boyfriend got a job there and was let go quickly, as they hired about 3x the number of people that they actually needed, and they trained him to pronounce it wrong because that's how most of the population thinks it's pronounced.

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        1. re: florastar

          I tried Gyroville today had the gyro (schwarma or doner would also be used in other parts of the world) which was a mix of lamb and beef they said. I had the stuffed gyro pita which is more like a thick wrap. You then tell them what you want added like lettuce, tomatoes, tzatziki. It was pretty good and fresh and not bad for $6.

          1. re: smartie

            We liked Gyroville as well. It is very much like Chiptole where you move along the line and pick what you want... you can really load up a pita if you like and it's going ot be a ton of food for $5.99 or something like that. The flavored tzaziki sauces are terrific and one - jalepeno spinach I think, was fantastic. I like hot and spicy and I can rarely combine that with Greek.

            We also tried Souvlaki Fast, it was not bad but I'd say all the options
            give gyroville the edge here.

            1. re: CFByrne

              we got Pita Principle today at work, nowhere near as good - bread was stale as can be, meat tasteless - as Gyroville but Gyroville does not deliver sadly.

              1. re: CFByrne

                Just tried Souvlaki Fast again, and I'd say Gyroville definitely superior.

                S/F for starters has a very odd layout. At the Federal Hwy store, you order, then there's the cooking line, and there are the 2 trash containers basically right in the middle of the counter, and then there's the pickup area, and then there's a bunch of supplies stacked up. Plus. aluminum "covers" block you from seeing your food as they are assembling it. Something was not clearly thought out here or they ran out of space, or something.

                Contrast with Gyroville where everything's in it's right place and out in the open. Plus the choosing your options with multiple sauces, far superior. Too bad the Boca store is hidden in that back corner. S/F was busy and if nothing else has a high viz location on corner of S/R Blvd and US1.

          2. Man, I would kill for a place like this in Orlando! My favorite Greek restaurant moved to the other end of town to a more upscale area, so they've gotten fancier and pricier to match. I just love a good gyro and spinach pie, though!

            1. So which is "correct"?



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              1. re: CFByrne

                YEE- roll your tongue with the r sound - O . Well, that's how it was pronounced on DDD.

                1. re: CFByrne

                  And there's also the Ji-Row option as well




                  and I've even heard


                  "Let's call the whole thing off"

                  1. re: CFByrne

                    A Lebanese place near my office likes to play games with the pronunciation. If I order a "yee-row," they'll repeat it as "gy-row." If I say "gy-row," they say "yee-row."

                    At first I wasn't sure if they were messing with me, but now it's become quite entertaining...

                    1. re: Semprini

                      Ok, so now I'm more confused that ever...My wife always insists that it's pronounced yay-row. Although I must admit...I always call it Jy-row just to annoy her! I will definitely be giving gyroville (yay-rowville?) a try since it's so close to work. I just hope the line isn't out the door and around the block as it is at Chipotle so often.