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Jul 21, 2011 04:45 AM

Urgent help - near Denver SW Lakewood for special Aussie visitors

Hi folks, We're taking a very last minute trip tomorrow from East Coast to Denver to meet up with my sister and her kids from Australia. Our kids are meeting each other for the first time - very exciting! Don't have time to do the thorough research I'd like to on these boards - hoping to get some quick advice!!!!

Looking for either great local foods, or foods from anywhere in the Americas (North, Central, or South American), or Caribbean) that the Aussies would be unlikely to get at home. (e.g. Mexican, BBQ, Peruvian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, anything else you suggest.) All are pretty adventurous eaters, though needs to Have the option to be not TOO spicy for the kids.

We'll be staying at the Residence Inn Denver SW Lakewood on West Hamden Ave in Littleton. We'll have one rental car but there are 8 of us (5 kids ages 1 - 12), so we can do short trips by shuttling back and forth, or walk, or public transport. We'll be there for the weekend.

THANK YOU so much for your thoughts!

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  1. Also forgot to mention none of us have ever been to Denver before.

    1. Not sure you are going to have great luck around that area really.

      There is a Dickey's bbq nearby, but I don't know if that is any good.
      Dickey's Barbecue Pit - 3140 S Wadsworth Blvd # 5 Lakewood, CO

      There is no Cuban or Puerto Rican in denver (at least not standard cuban stuff, though the Cuba Cuba restaurant downtown is good, but not a "cuban cafe" in the miami sense of the word).

      Downtown littleton is about 7 miles away and might offer some options, but the resturants I like there are french.

      You could consider going downtown as well, but with a passel of kids like that I am not sure I would bother. It looks like you will be about 12 miles from downtown.

      White Fence Farm might be a good option. It is only 4 miles away, is very kid friendly and is certainly an "American" restaurant. I have never been, but friends with kids have told me it is fun and the fried chicken is good. I think they have a petting zoo....

      Hope that helps!

      Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar
      1173 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80204

      White Fence Farm
      6263 W Jewell Ave, Lakewood, CO 80232

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      1. re: DrakeRemoray

        I can't help with any suggestions but I do know that Dickey's BBQ is NOT good! It is a cafeteria-type restaurant (i.e. trays sliding down a line asking for servings) of very subpar food. We went to one shortly after moving to Denver 4 years ago. I can't imagine that they have improved since then.

        1. re: DrakeRemoray

          White Fence Farm looks great - thank you!

          White Fence Farm
          6263 W Jewell Ave, Lakewood, CO 80232

        2. That area is kind of a food chain suburban wasteland (not a bad area, just a lot of chain-type places). I would suggest perhaps driving to the light rail station in Littleton and loading everyone up on the light rail to downtown. There are a ton of choices closer to the heart of the city, everything from the Buckhorn Exchange (pricey but it is the oldest restaurant in Denver) to some great hole-in-the-wall Mexican food to some darn good Ethiopian Cuisine and even a couple of good Cajun places.

          Buckhorn Exchange
          1000 Osage St, Denver, CO 80204

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          1. re: LorenM

            Cajun sounds perfect, if we make it in to downtown. Will you name names?? :o) Meaning what are the names of the places are you referring to? Also, what are the names of a couple of the hole-in-the-wall mexican places? They all sounds great.

            Thanks so much for the help to everyone.

            1. re: wcanada

              Absolutely, for a little "upscale" there is Cafe Evangeline on South Broadway which I have been to and is very good (great soft-shell crab) but honestly I like Bayou Bob's between 16th St and 17th on Glenarm right off the 16th St. Mall downtown. Good honest Cajun and cheaper (but not "cheap") than Cafe Evangeline. That would be my recommendation anyway.

              Good Mexican (and Tex-Mex) is easy to find (and pretty cheap) but as not much in downtown but I have never really looked for it downtown either. I hear Rio Grande is pretty good. If you travel down Federal Blvd. from 52nd to Evans you will pass dozens and dozens of them. The 38th Ave corridor has lots of choices too, my favorite for carnitas being La Fonda. Wow.

              Bayou Bob's
              1635 Glenarm Pl, Denver, CO 80202

              La Fonda
              5750 W 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80212

              Rio Grande Cafe
              270 S Rio Grande St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

              16th St Cafe
              302 N 16th St Ste A, Canon City, CO 81212

              1. re: LorenM

                LorenM, where do you go for darn good Ethiopian? Even though we have been here for 4 years, we are still searching out the great ethnic holes-in-the-wall We used to go to a fabulous Ethiopian restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI and would love to find something similar here. Thanks!

                1. re: Squint

                  The one I have been to the most is just called Ethiopian Restaurant on Colfax just a few blocks east of York St. and have also been to Arada Ethiopian on Santa Fe. Both were quite good. The one on Colfax hooked us up with lots of free honey wine once- bonus. I have heard really good things about Queen of Sheba on E. Colfax in Aurora but haven't made it there yet.

                  Arada Ethiopian Restaurant
                  750 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204

                  1. re: LorenM

                    Thank you! We go to the Botanic Gardens quite often so we will plan a trip to the Ethiopian Restaurant next time we visit...probably once the weather cools off. And hope for the free honey wine! I have the other 2 on my must-try list now too!

          2. A party of 8, and only 3 are adults? White Fence Farm as DrakeRemoray suggests is your only practical option, and a good one, and you are lucky it is so nearby.

            White Fence Farm
            6263 W Jewell Ave, Lakewood, CO 80232