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Mar 15, 2006 10:03 PM

cayenne cafe on beverly

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Has any one been to Cayenne cafe on beverly - its a mediterranean restaurant. what are your thoughts. thanks

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  1. LOVE it! The BF and I stumbled on the place after it first opened (we didn't feel like waiting for a seat at the over-crowded Lulu's next door). After our first breakfast there, we went back almost every weekend for 6 months or so (then we moved). Omelets are excellent (my favorite is the French), and I hear the pancakes are great too. I had lunch there only once, but have been wanting to go back for that fantastic Byblos salad. I totally recommend the place. Great staff, too.


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      This restaurant is soooo overated. Some of the dishes are so-so and the sandwiches are so skimpy!! I ordered their angel hair pasta twice and it was tasteless! It was like eating a frozen dinner! At least the Angus burgers are not that difficult to mess up because its one of the best things on the menu aside from the hummus. The owner Sam and his poor slave of a wife Kristina are nice enough but a few of the dishes are relatively generic and could easily whip up at home. For example, the chicken on rice with the rich sauce is nothing spectacular and the very simple fish and steak meals are a bit overpriced for what you get. Go elsewhere for better food. Walk down the sidewalk a little further and try "India's Oven". They are the best Indian food in Los Angeles! Or, drive a little bit down the street and try "Buddha's Belly" for some good eats. At least the waitresses are not quite as uptight as Kristina.

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      rabo encendido

      Have never been inside. Place seems perpetually empty.

      However, here at the office, we order from them quite often. Food is actually pretty good. Experience limited to salads (the fatoush is a rabo fave) and wraps. Nothing spectacular, but perfectly fine.

      Sorta like TOAST, but maybe better, if that's a helpful frame of reference.

      1. While I cannot attest to the breakfast food or dinner menu, I think the lunch offerings are great. It is the "go to" place for my friends and I when we wake up a little too late on the weekends and don't feel like breakfast anymore. The sandwiches and salads are tasty and well priced and I really like their fries. Plus their location always guarantees sun on their sidewalk tables during the lunch hours. The only real negative thing that I have heard is about their consistency, but with salads and sandwiches you are pretty safe...

        1. I wandered into this place last night because of its proximity to the New Beverly. I LOVED IT!!! The servers were super helpful and the owners hovered around making sure everything was great. A birthday part of 10 seemed to really be enjoying themselves, and by 9PM, the place was full, but not uncomfortable.

          I had the Pomegranate Chicken w/ fries instead of pilaf and I have never had a pounded chicken breast come out this moist. Really tasty sauce too, although on the sweet side.

          Secretly, my favorite thing was the pita brought to the table with two olive oil based dipping sauces. The one with pomegranate reduction was addictive.

          The website mentioned above has the full menus for all times of day. This is a great place to stop before a movie, and the bellydancing show was really good too. It seemed like a real "locals" joint, with the owner knowing everyone by name.