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Jul 20, 2011 08:35 PM

Rosemary's gone...where should we go?

We LOVED LOVED LOVED the food at Rosemary' with our reservations cancelled...where should we go? We love the concept of Rosemary' anything close to that? Also...what restaurant has the best steak?

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  1. I know it's on the strip but right now somewhere like Sage at Aria has to be somewhere close to the sweet spot. Might be a little more expensive than Rosemarys but not a whole bunch more.

    1. On the west side two good choices are marche Bacchus ( with a new chef and getting great reviews) and vintner grill. In Henderson , Todd's is very good although closed for vacation aug 1 thru aug 21. I think sage is terrific as well and that is a pretty easy strip location. We always valet at the mandarin oriental and then stop at their bar for a night cap.
      I've never eaten at table 10 but have heard some very good recent reviews based on a new chef. That might have some of the southern touches that were a part of rosemary's menu.

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        Thank you...I will check those out...what is your favorite steakhouse?