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Jul 20, 2011 08:24 PM


Where can I buy maltose?

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  1. The Cellar is a home brew supply store at 14320 Greenwood Avenue North.

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    1. re: mrnelso

      thanks. I will drive there this weekend. Hopefully, they will open.

    2. You can also find it at Asian Markets. Uwajimaya should carry it. I needed some for a Chinese BBQ pork recipe, and was even able to find it in Spokane.

      600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

      1. What do you want use for? You could be referring to a Chinese syrup, a beer making item, or malt flavoring.

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        1. re: paulj

          lots of Taiwanese receipes ask for this ingredient because they are less sweet. It is not for malt flavoring definitely. I never heard Chinese syrup, but it may be a beer making item.

          1. re: hugeyellow4

            I've bought a malt syrup from a health food store in Mountlake Terraces (Manna Mills), but I think you want the thicker syrup from Taiwan or china. I bought a container of that from 99Ranch (Edmonds). Pretty cheap. Look with other sugars, rock candy etc.