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Jul 20, 2011 07:40 PM

any recommendations for Falmouth?

Which decent restaurants, bakeries or food shops would you recommend in/near Falmouth?

I did a search, but very little comes up. I noticed the Cove , when I did a google search, as well as the popularity list that comes up with Tripadvisor, but I'd love to hear about any suggestions Chowhounds might be able to make.

Thanks for any of your comments or suggestions.

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  1. I'm sorry not to have time to check the exact distance between this place and Falmouth, but a friend recently stayed in Helston and said the food at the Nansloe Manor Hotel was terrific for dinner. It may be too long a drive.

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      Thanks for mentioning the Nansloe Manor Hotel, zuriga1. Will keep it in mind.

    2. If you're interested in tea then Essence of Tea: is a destination place. It's probably the best resource for raw and aged pu-erh in the UK (at incredibly reasonable prices as well), but they do also excellent oolongs (particularly their wuyi rock teas) and black teas.

      1. If you've looked on tripadvisor, then I guess you've seen reviews for the Wheelhouse - it's definitely worth trying to get a table there. Lots of fun, generous portions of shellfish - relaxed, unfussy stuff.

        Baker Tom in Truro, just up the road (ish) comes recommended - it's in the Lemon St covered market thingy, not difficult to find. Would be interested to know of other artisan bakers in Cornwall.

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          Thanks for the suggestions, bodessa.

          I did notice the Wheelhouse- thanks for letting me know it's worthwhile.

          Found a website for Baker Tom:

          Also found this list for eats in Cornwall: