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Jul 20, 2011 05:47 PM

Montreal restaurant recommendation

Hey all, I'm visiting Montreal for two days at the end of the month with enough money to dine at one restaurant. I realize there are many threads of this nature and I apologize for adding to that list but having read through many posts, I still am not much closer to choosing a restaurant. I'm looking for something French or Italian, maybe a bistro, at a medium price range, perhaps $25 per main. I'm willing to pay a bit more if the food is really good and I don't care where it is, as long as it's in the city and not the suburbs. The most important thing is that the food be good; atmosphere and service are somewhat secondary and I'm not interested in charcuterie. Can anyone suggest something good?

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  1. Brasserie T otherwise Lemeac if its after 10

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      If you want the best and willing to dine at noon you can take advantage of the business lunch deals (usually weekdays) for example at toque (old montreal)you can have a couple of lunch dishes for 25$,

      or laloux which is central , menu changes often, even more reasonable at lunch (but you could also go there for evening menu


      but if only evening dining is what you are looking for choices are more limited