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Jul 20, 2011 04:38 PM

Pulled Pork at Subway!! Please No :-O

I will occasionally get a veggie sub from subway when no other options exist, but I just can't imagine ordering pulled pork from Subway. Any thoughts?

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  1. Maybe they're made out of shredded McRibs?

    1. Their billboards make it look like solyent green.

      1. I was horrified when I saw this. I hope this new offering doesn't bump the avocado out the door.

        1. I'm thinking it's probably Sysco-style in a tub like you see at some supermarkets. Tasty enough, I guess. For the non-connoisseur.

          1. OK, I'll fess up. I can't crticise anything that I haven't tried so I tried it the first week out. And let me say that I am a smoked meat fanatic; I do some smoking at home, and I'll go out of my way to visit a decent barbecue place.

            So anyway, it tasted pretty good. They spoon it on and spread it out then put it in the broiler thing. By itself it is not terribly sweet. I had it with lettuce, tomatoes and a dash of bbq sauce. Since DW wanted to go there and most of their other meats all taste the same it was a better option.

            But my next pulled pork fix will come from a real smokehouse, thanks. Until the next new thing to try....

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              Well, this certainly has me curious. I just may stop by a subway. I'm thinking that there's no way that it's actually pulled (probably shredded and/or reformed) and I'd be pretty surprised if it had a good porky flavor. Looking over the nutrition, it only has 17g of fat, so not much porkiness there. Guessing the sauce dominates as the flavor.

              1. re: junescook

                Had it and was surprised. As far as fast foods go, it was pretty damn good. The proportions favored the bread too much, I couldn't really taste the vegetables (lettuce, onions, green peppers), it had the palest/tasteless American cheese I've ever seen, the texture was almost jelly-like at times, the sauce was squirted on at the end so it wasn't even, the whole thing left a strange, lingering aftertaste... There were a lot of flaws, but it was still acceptable. Going in, I expected to take one or two bites and throw out the rest, but I ended up finishing the whole thing (6").

                For all its flaws, the pork still came through. It wasn't strong, which was expected given the relatively low fat numbers, but I didn't have to really "look" for it. The texture, for the most part, was good. It just felt like I was chewing on pulled pork; not something that can be said for most fast food meats.

                Funny thing is that I didn't expect to have it today. I was just walking along and noticed a poster for it on a gas station window. "Huh?" Turns out part of it was sectioned off as a Subway. Reminded me of the old Starbucks joke about them being everywhere!

                Bonus: Later on in the day I noticed that 7-11 had pizza (register, along with the hotdogs). So it came to be that I did have something that I took a single bite of and toss.

                1. re: ediblover

                  The trick to overcoming the sometimes poor meat to bread ratio in a Subway sandwich is to order a six inch sub with "double meat." That way you get all the meat of a 12 inch sub without all the extra bread. This is what I do. I'm not a low carb person necessarily, but I find the sandwiches have a better protein to carb ratio when I order the six inch sub with the extra turkey or tuna or meatballs.