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Jul 20, 2011 04:33 PM

Road Trip on I-64, Richmond to Newport News

I'm traveling from DC to the Outer Banks, and I was looking for someplace to stop about halfway, along I-64. Ideally I'd like to get through Richmond and stop before I hit Norfolk, so anywhere from the edge of Richmond down to Newport News would be fine. Unfortunately, the choices are limited in that area! I'd like to stay reasonably close to the interstate - I don't really have the time to go all the way into Williamsburg or I would stop at the Cheese Shop. (Another time!)

Any suggestions? I'm not a huge fan of Pierce's so I was hoping to find another alternative.


Outer Banks
7734 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23505

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  1. Get off I64 at the Jefferson Avenue East exit (255A I believe). Drive about 4 miles toward Newport News. Take a right into Port Warwick at the 7-11. On the left of the square is Thaijindesu, a great sushi and Thai place.

    2180 William Styron Sq S, Newport News, VA 23606

    1. Ok. Here's your spot ! The County Grill and Smokehouse at:

      1215 George Washington Memorial Highway

      Suite A

      Yorktown, VA 23693

      It is not far off of I-64 in the Newport News area. (It is officially listed as a Yorktown address, but it is close to I-64.) Our local chowhound foodie group made this one of our outings, and it is better than Pierces BBQ. You can google it, and mapquest the address above.

      County Grill
      1215 George Washington Mem Hwy Ste A, Yorktown, VA 23693