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Jul 20, 2011 03:51 PM

Beacon Hill Help

Need some chow help. We're doing MFA, then Grotto for dinner. Thought we'd stop at no 9 Park for a drink, then walk to Grotto. What is the best plan for parking?
We are from out of town, limited mobility. Also, does anyone know which mains are on the price fix @ Grotto?

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  1. One option (if you don't mind valet) would be to valet at 9 Park. There are also garages under the Boston Common, entrance off Charles st between Beacon and Boylston. You could also call Grotto for parking suggestions and answers to your other questions.

    1. B-Wino got it right. Park under the common. $11.00 after 5:PM, for all evening. A huge bargain. Valet will be at least $18.00 if you're lucky. Love finding cheap parking in the City.
      Enjoy Your Evening,

      1. If you'd rather be closer to your car after dinner, there's a parking garage in 100 Cambridge, which is directly across the street from Grotto. The entrance is on Somerset. Sometimes you can score metered street parking on Bowdoin/Cambridge/Somerset.

        Note: If you have limited mobility, Grotto is at nearly at the base of a rather steep hill going up to the State House. It's not hiking in the Alps, but it might be challenging for those who can't walk very far.

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          Also should note that on weekends and weekdays after 5:00, it's $10.

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            Great suggestion. Is the walk from 9 Park to Grotto mountainous? This IS apr├ęs martini, you know :)

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              Even the walk down the steps of the entrance to Grotto might be considered challenging if a person truly has limited mobility-- why not call them to find out?