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Humus without Tahini

Son has developed a severe sesame seed allergy in addition to tree nuts. Have tried to make chickpea humus without tahini subbing peanut butter, extra garlic and lemon juice, olive oil. It just doesn't come out the same. Any suggestions on a creamy addition that isn't sesame or tree nut based. Would soy butter work? Any ideas appreciated.

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  1. During a period when we had 4 kids in college at the same time, we substituted, PB. The kids, really liked it. Add fresh mint.

    1. A sesame-frowner friend of mine makes hers with plain yogurt instead of tahini and adds cumin.
      Pretty good!

      1. try making it w just evoo, lemon juice and garlic (and sea salt). it's very good, clean tasting.

        1. Trying peeling your chickpeas before pureeing if you want a creamier texture. Peanut butter is the best substitute for the flavor of tahini, without adding extra garlic. There is a bitter dimension to tahini that you might be able to recreate by adding some Aleppo pepper.

          1. Hmm. Maybe sunflower seeds, toasted, or sunflower seed butter?

            1. I HATE tahini. I always make hummus with olive oil and then puree the ever-loving tar out of it to get it nice and creamy, but I second Duchess's suggestion for sunflower-seed butter as a sub for tahini.

              1. I have made this in the past and it is pretty tasty: http://fatfreevegan.com/blog/2010/02/...

                1. I think you can make some great bean spreads without tahini. However, I would think that tahini is kind of a defining characteristic of hummus, so maybe just focus on the positives of non-tahini based bean dip?

                  I think if you cook the chickpeas with a little baking soda and / or take off the shells, and use a bit more oil, which you can drizzle in slowly, you can get a fairly creamy texture. I make white bean spread all the time (no tahini) and I think it tastes good. Maybe add a little more lemon to compensate for the slight sourness of the tahini.

                  I don't think peanut or soy butter really has the same taste - personally, I'd be inclined to just skip it rather than try to substitute.

                  1. I've made it before using chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon, feta cheese and roasted red pepper (it's best if you roast your own, but you can used jarred as well. Just make sure not to add any extra olive oil if you use the ones jarred in oil). The feta may add the creaminess you're looking for, and the pepper tastes good.

                    1. In Arabic cuisines, humus is not universally by default blended with tahini, although humus bi tahineh is what we think of as the standard for humus in the US. You can also blend it with yoghurt (full fat is best, or go for Greek/strained). The standard humus with yoghurt recipe would still have the salt, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic, and just yoghurt instead of tahineh. It won't taste the same as humus bi tahineh, but it isn't meant to.

                      1. Maybe try with almond butter or cashew butter? I do like the ides posted upthread -- sunflower seed butter, yogurt, and feta/roasted peppers.

                        1. I happen to love it without, I just use more oil, but I've heard that it's good with yogurt although I've never tried it that way. I don't purchase Tahini because I never use it up quickly enough (so it gets bitter)- too expensive for that. Try whole yogurt if there are no dairy allergies.

                          1. I've generally made it without. Adding oil/lemon juice and maybe a bit of water till you get the right consistency has always worked fine, although I do like it a bit thicker.