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Jul 20, 2011 12:09 PM

Montco bakeries?

I've been living in the 'burbs for a while now and I just can't seem to find a good bakery that meets my needs. Have tried Weinrich's (no cupcakes!) in Willow Grove, Lochel's in Hatboro (everything way too sweet), Dublin Bakery in Upper Dublin (terrible, dry cake), Daryl's Pastries in Glenside (no cupcakes.) I've had good luck at Whole Foods but they don't have the kid-friendly selection I'm looking for. Isn't there somewhere I can get myself a great slice of carrot cake or strawberry shortcake, buy a gorgeous chocolate cake or fruit tart to bring to a dinner party, and get my kid a cupcake as a treat? Good challah would be a plus too! Where else should I try? Thanks!

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    1. how about zakes cakes or alice's bakery in north wales

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        Great threat on suburban bakeries.

        Try bakers on broad in souderton for good bread.

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          I'll second Bakers on Broad. I also like Crossroads Bakery in Doylestown.

      2. Agree with Alice and Crossroads. I go to WF sometimes when I can stand it. Well there is always Let Them Eat Cupcakes in Doylestown. Wegman's has a good bakery too with lots of stuff for kids. I go to the Wegman's in Warrington.

        1. Altomonte's on York Warminster (also in Doylestown but I don't know where specifically) has wonderful cakes, you mentioned strawberry shortcake by the slice. No cupcakes, sorry; but great cake, cheesecakes, pies, and Italian specialties like sfoglitelle (sp?). Wegman's also has very good selections, including the fruit tarts mentioned.

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            Altomontes in Doylestown, in the Poor Richards shopping center right next door to the shopping center with Cross Roads Bakery on 611 north of the main area in Doylestown. They do not have as big a pastry case as Warminster..

          2. Alice’s on Sumneytown Pike in North Wales is a terrific bakery. They bake wonderful baguettes, ciabatta, muffins and rolls as well as many types of French pastry, tartes and cakes. Their cupcakes are terrific.

            The Roma Bakery on Route 202 in Blue Bell (just west of where Rt 73 and Rt 202 intersect) is really a great bakery. They specialize in Italian pastries and cookies. Their creamcakes and rum cakes are amazing.

            Both of the above are about as good as it gets.

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              Was just at Alice on saturday for a very pleasant snack. Their chocolate croissant was quite the pick me up. Didn't get there til around three-ish and since they close at four on saturdays I was surprised and grateful that they weren't sold out of everything. Hope this is breezy enough. :)

              1. re: givemecarbs

                Just went to Alices for the first time yesterday. Bought chocolate bark with hazelnuts, red velvet cupcakes, and blue cheese bread. The first two were good, no question. But the blue cheese bread was amazing, dangerous even. A loaf of rustic Italian style bread with air holes in the white tender center and chewy, crusty on the outside. Sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles and just the right amount of pepper. I ate 4 slices at one sitting, that is the dangerous part. Although in fairness, the owner did warn me :)

                1. re: truffles2

                  The aged Gouda bread is amazing, and so are the sea salt rolls, and the sticky buns and the key lime tart and the chocolate espresso tart, and the foccacia, and his French baguettes and… oops… the place itself is addicting, but I’m ok with that. Dennis the owner knows good food, and is so pleasant and sociable. The more people that discover this place and patronize it the happier I am to know that it’ll be around for a very, very long time!