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local albacore in SF?

Hey folks, wondering if anyone has seen albacore in any SF markets or grocery stores. Thanks!

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  1. Haven't looked but call Tokyo Fish, Berkeley and ask.


    1. In the past, I have seen it at the fish monger in the Ferry Plaza building, and at Falletti's butcher. Took a glance at the coastside fishing club forums, and it looks like there is some tuna in the water off Noyo harbor up north, but we aren't having a big local tuna season yet like in some years past. Give the guys at Falletti a call, though.

      1. Yes, the fish place in the Ferry Building had albacore this week, and I think it said local.

        San Francisco Fish Company

        San Francisco Fish Company
        1 Ferry Building # 31, San Francisco, CA 94111-4230

        1. Don't know if you found it and yes I know it's not the city but I checked at Tokyo Fish and while I was standing in front of the seafood counter seeing no fresh albacore they posted at small bright yellow and red sign that said "fresh local albacore, first of the season, $9.99 a pound" at 1:20 today.

          1. Thanks, folks. Faletti's doesn't buy albacore, but they can by special request. None of the shops on Clement (seafood center, New May Wah) have it either. Thanks for the heads-up about Tokyo fish and the ferry building shops.

            New May Wah
            719 Clement St, San Francisco, CA

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              If you're considering the East Bay,Hudson Fish has had it recently. They have booths at the downtown Berkeley and El Cerrito Plaza farmers markets on Saturdays. Best to call or email to make sure, since they run their own boat and might not have found any that week.

              Hudson Fish

              El Cerrito Plaza
              San Pablo Ave and Fairmount Ave, El Cerrito, CA

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                Monterey Fish Market in Berkeley has it when it is in season and local. Shogun at Ferry Plaza farmer's market on Saturday had it last week.

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                  When Monterey Fish has it, you can probably get it from San Francisco Fish Company as well.

                  San Francisco Fish Company
                  1 Ferry Building # 31, San Francisco, CA 94111-4230

              2. UPDATE:

                Bought local albacore at Nijiya market in Japantown Saturday (packaged in small portions in styrofoam, a personal peeve) for $14.99/lb. very fresh, lovely.

                Faletti's will order the albacore for you, but they charge $15.99/lb for it.

                Ferry Plaza seafood had just gotten a whole albacore in, butchered it for me on the spot, and sold me a whole side (just under 4 lbs) for $10.99/lb. So happy to have found this source.

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                  How did they all taste? The salmon I bought at Ferry Plaza Seafood a while ago was so bad (tasted like it had been upriver spawning for a week and then hadn't had the blood flushed out when it as cleaned), that I've been hesitant to patronize them since.

                  Ferry Plaza Seafood
                  1 Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

                2. I got some at Alemany FM from the vendor for Blue Ocean Smoke House. It was very fresh and tasty. They will tell you what they have available and are furnishing at the Farmers Market if you call 650 215-3474

                  Blue Ocean Smoke House
                  205 Yale Ave, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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                    The hotline for Pillar Pt Harbor said there was albacore selling off the boats today 8/27.