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Nacho Dips ?

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I am a HUGE fan of nachos & beer ! I've tried many different kinds.Anything is helpful I'm willing to try ANYTHING at least once :) send your recipes !! Spicy is always good too


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  1. When you say nachos, do you mean corn chips? In my neck of the woods, nachos are chips topped with beans, cheese, and possibly jalapeno/crema/guacamole/hot sauce/salsa. Maybe a little more elaboration?

    1. have you tried blue cheese on ruffles? had them in a bar once--amazing with a Guiness

      1. sour cream, salsa from a jar, and a spoon of sugar.

        1. You should look at Closet Cooking, since pretty much everything he makes gets turned into quesadillas, burritos or nachos at some point.

          1. Sour cream, lots ofmfresh chopped cilantro, and diced pickled jalapenos.... Sooooo good.

            1. Good old Velveeta and Rotel tomatoes. Laugh and scoff all you want, people eat it up!

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                +1. Add some browned ground beef, sausage or fresh chorizo for extra goodness!

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                  And some refried beans! I could eat that dip until I get sick!

              2. Emeril Lagasse has a good recipe for Chili con Queso at this link on the Food Network website: (recipe near bottom of page)