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Jul 20, 2011 11:16 AM

Shao Hsing wine--Durham/Raleigh area?

In search of Shao Hsing wine for cooking Asian recipes. I am using a dry sherry which is OK, but would like the real thing. I tried Li Ming's but all I found was Saki. There is a long of empty space on the shelf so maybe Shao Hsing will be available at some future date.

Thanks Chowhounds.

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    1. I'm shocked you didn't see it at Li Ming's...did you ask somebody? Sometimes they keep items on the ends of aisles if it's not on the shelf. The other Asian grocery story in that area is Asia Market next to Guglhupf. I actually went by there yesterday since I was driving by and needed Sriracha. It was evident that they have been hit hard by Li Ming.

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        I found Shao Hsing wine at the store bbqme references. It shouldn't be too hard to find. Be aware there are a few different ways to spell it.

        If you pick up one of Fuscia Dunlop's books, you could find the characters which could make it easier to find.

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          I was in a rush (impatient husband) so I didn't ask. Just assumed it would be near the Saki. I will try to get over there next week. I was afraid the small Asian markets would be hard hit, but I do love all the veggies at Li Ming's. Rockycat, thanks for the info. I always enjoy a visit to Grand Asia.

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            The Asian grocery next to Gugulph was out of business when i drove by last night. No sign, no awning. It was definately closed. Too bad...