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Jul 20, 2011 11:15 AM

Business Dinner & Venue Recommendations in Lisbon

Hi Everyone:

I will be running a weeklong conference in Lisbon in late September and will be organizing a couple of dinners for clients. The first dinner will be for about 10 people (5 Americasn/5 Europeans); the second will be a dinner for a diverse international crowd of about 50 and the third will be for a larger crowd of about 100. The meetings will be at the Sheraton Lisboa.

Can anyone recommend restaurants and venues? I've reached out to two highly recommended Lisbon based event planners and, well, they haven't been as forthcoming with suggestions as one would hope.

Any suggestions are very much welcomed and appreciated.


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  1. Why don't you let the Sheraton do it all? They have one of the best chefs in Lisbon and are quite able to organise small and large banquets. Or do you require a different setting for each event? Also, what is your food / price target (average / good / excellent?) . And have you got transport for your group(s).

    I think we need to know a bit more of what you are trying to achieve in order to be able to help

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      The same people will be in Lisbon for the entire week so I worry about the attendees getting stir crazy if stuck in the hotel all day and night. My plan is to do at least one cocktail reception at the hotel but definitely need a different location for dinner every night (we did this in Barcelona at the W Hotel last year - cocktails at the W but dinner at venues throughout the city). Goal is to find very good to excellent food in a unique space that doesn't necessarily need to be overly formal. Transport is not an issue (we'll hire shuttle buses) although the venue shouldn't be more than a 30 minute drive away. Hope that helps! Thanks again.

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        OK, it does make sense. Hope the following helps:

        For your 10 pax dinner, any of the top restaurants will do it (see Vinhotinto many posts about Lisbon).

        50 people, I would seriously look at Luis Suspiro's restaurant in the "Ordem dos Medicos": . It can do up to 60 in the restaurant proper; Alternatively, they can take more that 100 people in their "banquet" section in the garden. Website is only in Portuguese, but I assume you have people who speak Portuguese.

        The Ritz can put together a vey nice dinner for as many people as you wish, and as I said, the Sheraton is one of the best also...

        I am no great fan of "Eleven", but they certainly can put together a banquet; The view is nice! Pity the servers are so snooty and chef travels a lot...

        Also "Tavares" (under new chef) would make an impressive venue. They have a private salon upstairs, but not sure what total seating is, but you can hire the whole restaurant.

        I hope other CHs from Lisbon will come to your rescue. I think you need to book v

        1. re: monchique

          Those are WONDERFUL suggestions. I cannot thank you enough.I've already compiled a list of restaurants for the delegates based on your and Vinhotinto's many suggestions and have reached out to the venues above (hopefully not everyone is on holiday!).

          Thank you again. Will be certain to post our experiences once we've made our selections.