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Jul 20, 2011 10:34 AM

Good quick eats off 81 in Virginia?

I'll be driving from Charlotte all the way to Connecticut next week and am looking for some good, quick roadside eats. I have my dog with me so I'd prefer a drive-in/drive-thru place. Anywhere from around Christiansburg to Staunton would probably be best. Thanks!

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  1. My exit (Rt 7 east at Winchester Va) has ZZ Kabob, which can make you a very nice Persian type kebab (lamb and chicken for sure) platter with absolutely wonderful rice, salad, veggies, etc. Not drive-thru but if you call ahead 15 minutes or so it would be ready. First shopping center off 81 going east (next to the Sonic Drive-In, but you do not want to go there) and hittable by a well-pitched ball from I-81.

    Lots of chain fast food off of I-81 in the Shenandoah Valley.

    If you get as far as Martinsburg and still need something decent to eat, there's a Chik-Fil-a in the parking lot of the shopping center at the Queen Street Exit.

    1. In Christiansburg, VA there is Dude's Drive In; there are also a number of fast food and drive-thru places right off of 460. There's also a Sonic just outside of town if you like their food.

      Assuming that the heat settles a bit so that you could run into a restaurant to order and pick up a to-go order, if you go a little further into Blacksburg, there are several other restaurants that can be relatively quick; Mike's Grill (great burgers), the Cellar, and a bunch of fast food places . I believe some of the restaurants in the First and Main development are pet friendly (with outdoor patios for you to sit with your dog).

      Dude's Drive In
      1505 Roanoke St, Christiansburg, VA 24073

      Mike's Grill
      418 N Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060

      1. If you get as far as Harrisonburg, VA (about 24 miles past Staunton going north on I-81) there is Jess' Quick Lunch. The downtown location is the original and still the best, but they also have a location heading east on Rt. 33 near I-81. The downtown location on the square will have the better atmosphere, but is about 3 miles off of I-81 heading west on Rt. 33. Great dogs, burgers, fries, etc., and right out of the old SNL skit of cheeburger, chip, petsi! Sit at the counter.

        1. Berky's Restaurant at the Lee Hi Truck stop, exit 195 at Lexington. I was going to say White's Truck stop with awesome "private" trucker dining room 10 miles north at Raphine but apparently it was recently sold and there is much uncertainty as to what's going to happen quality and atmosphere wise. Sad news.