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Jul 20, 2011 10:18 AM

Southampton, Bermuda Recs?

I know there are plenty of posts on restaurants in Bermuda. But the only recommendation I see for Southampton is Coconuts.

Yes, we are staying at The Reefs. And I'm sure we'll have our share of meals at Coconuts.

But what else is there? We are simple folk...give me the freshest local fish and I'm ok sitting on a rock on the side of the road and eating.

Please help!!!

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  1. The Dining Room, located at Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. Very nice thin crust pizza, think almost cracker like, if you're into that. Breakfast is wonderful, had the cinnamon french toast over the weekend and it was nice, thick slices of bread with a nice custardy inside where the flavour was infused all the way through (thinking it was soaked overnight, hooray!) and their eggs benny is nice (not too much vinegar and not drowning in hollandaise, although it is a little stiffer than how I like my sauces). Lovely views up there as well.

    Otherwise, I like the Jasmine Lounge as well at the Southampton Princess, if they have the beetroot and arugula salad, it's simple but delicious and casual. Waterlot does a good steak although I've been hit and miss on service. Again, located at the Southampton Princess.

    I think all the places have local fish probably as specials depending on what's available for the day. Otherwise, there isn't a place that I can think of that specializes in local fish in Southampton.

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      Is there anywhere we should go that isn't in Southampton, but a reasonable distance away? Too bad Black Horse isn't closer.....

      1. re: Ohio Pork

        Well, reasonable distance is relatively subjective I'm afraid. I've heard good things about Latitude 64, which is the restaurant at Port Royal Golf Course, that's still in Southampton. I've not eaten there yet but I believe that it focuses on steak and seafood. Otherwise, I'm afraid it's up to Dockyard's or into Hamilton.

        1. re: bdachow

          Latitude 64 is good, but go for dinner as it is located in the golf club house. Tio Pepe is popular with the locals but I don't recommend it for special dining. Go for pizza or pasta. It is a few minutes by bike from the Reefs. Henry VIII also popular; there is some good sushi here and live entertainment (piano and songster) but the main menu is disappointing. If you are here over Cup Match (July 28/29 you must go to the game and try a range of local specialties: conch stew; fried fish; hash shark; mussel pie.

          1. re: hungryhog

            We arrive on the 30th. Is the conch stew and other local specialities unavailable during a "normal" week?

            How about a market where I can get fresh fish and veggies?

            1. re: Ohio Pork

              Well, just more difficult to find! Again, Black Horse would have it regularly. Oddly, some of the gas stations have take away items which often include mussel pie. But this is the odd thing about Bermuda -actually finding local food!

              1. re: hungryhog

                The food at Tio Pepe is just plain awful and Henry's isn't any better. Too bad you'll miss the food stalls at Cup Match – they're mostly people who only do food for that and county games (correct me if I'm wrong!)

                July-Sept/Oct = very little fresh produce - too hot - and the farmer's market is closed for the season. You might find fresh fish for sale on the roadside, but it won't be cooked so that doesn't help you.

                From what I've gathered, on many Caribbean islands there's a range of easily available beach/roadside local food - that's just not Bermuda, never has been.

                1. re: hungryhog

                  On our first visit 30 years ago, it was easy to find mussel pie. On our last visit this past winter, we found none, even though we looked hard. (The Black Horse was closed for the season.)

                  1. re: pikawicca

                    Very good mussel pie can be had at The Lemon Tree in Hamilton. Not Southampton, I grant you, but it's worth the trip from The Reefs.

        2. re: bdachow

          The Dining Room has great pizza and pasta, but I've not been pleased with the fish dishes and the wine list is ridiculously expensive. Had a very nice salmon pizza after a fine arugula salad last Saturday night. Great views, as bdachow says.