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Jul 20, 2011 10:03 AM

Lobster in Seattle for an ex-New Englander?

We moved here from the east coast (Boston) a few years back. The dungeness crab has been fantastic, but the missus is expecting and has cravings for steamed lobster dipped in melted butter :)

Some of our favorite places in New England were - Red's Eats in Wiscasset, ME; Thurston's Lobster Pound in Bar harbor and Belle Isle seafood (hands down the best lobster roll in boston). We went to many other places, but these places stood out head and shoulders. So, my question to the folks here - can we get lobster comparable to these places in Seattle? Cost isnt a huge thing as long as we are in the double digit range.

ps: I know other people have asked about lobster, but they typically combine that question with seafood in general. This is a lobster and lobster only question.

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  1. It's been a few years, but my favorite lobster in Seattle used to be the lobster at Crush, even better than lobster in New England, which is typically on the slightly overcooked side.

    1. On the Eastside in Bridle Trails near Kirkland, the Red Apple Market behind Tech City Bowl has an annual sale around this time or so has a big blowout sale on Maine lobster. The last time we bought a few years ago, they were selling it for the ridiculously low price of $4 / lb. We got some jumbo ones: a 7 pounder and a 9 pounder. Ginormous!

      We were just in Maine last month (yes, we were in Wiscasset too!) when lobster was going for $5-6 / lb.

      PS: I just called and though the sale was last week, the Red Apple in Madison Park (Bert's) is having the sale this weekend. However, the price is $10 / lb.

      I don't know where the Asian markets get their lobster, but Viet-Wah in Renton was selling lobster for $7 / lb a few months ago.

      I miss it immensely. :)

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      1. re: foodAdenturous

        Thanks for the tip :) I will check out Bert's as well as other shops like UwajiMaya.

        I figure, I am going to steam the lobster at home. Any tips on picking out live lobsters?

        1. re: addweight

          15 a lb at Uwajimaya today. Pick out one that has some fight in them an look out for any kind of barnacle on the shell.

          600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

      2. Just for this week Blueacre is doing a surf and turf with a whole live Maine Lobster for $39.95

        Also just last weekend I bought live Maine lobsters for $13.95 a pound from the new Taylor Shellfish store in the Melrose Market and they were excellent.

        The staff there was great and super helpful.

        1. There's also somewhere like the Capitol Grille... I'm an ex New Englander as well, and I haven't found anything like the kick-ass lobster rolls and roadside lobster shacks of home. Many places try to pass Pacific Lobster off as real lobster, but it's just not the same. The old Oceanaire did a decent lobster, but that's closed and is now Blueacre. Blueacre's okay, but nothing special... Capitol Grille won't blow your mind either, but it might be enough of a fix to keep you going until you can get back to NE.

          You're best bet though is to cook it yourself.

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          1. re: BuffaloBandit

            i would contact mutual fish on rainier avenue. they may not have the best price but you probably won't find fresher.

          2. As part of Joule's Sunday BBQ series, they are throwing an "East Coast BBQ" this Sunday (July 31). For $20 you get an entree (lobster roll is on the menu, as is some sort of clam boil), all you can eat sides (there are usually 6-8 substantial side dishes), dessert, and a few non-alcoholic beverages. The entree is served at the table, the sides/desserts/drinks are buffet style. As you might expect, Joule is creative with both the entrees and sides, so don't expect an "authentic" East Coast experience, but the food is always tasty. It's a great opportunity to experience Joule without having to mortgage your house.

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            1. re: chococat

              I went to this and the lobster roll was terrific. Every roll came with a big piece of claw on top. I think they made their own split top buns. You also got a cup of lobster chowder on the side.

              1. re: christy319

                Never been much into any seafood, but this New England transplant REALLY misses the split top buns. LOL.