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Mar 15, 2006 05:16 PM

USDA Prime Boneless New York Steak Sale at Hows Markets

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Hows Markets is featuring USDA Prime Boneless New York Steaks for only $6.99 a pound. Sale is through Tuesday, March 21.

Hows Markets has locations in Torrance/Redondo Beach, Malibu, Grananda Hills and Pasadena/San Marino.

Hows may be pushing the Prime Boneless NY Steaks more than the Prime Boneless Rib-Eye Steaks. This is the second $6.99/lb. sale of Boneless NY Steaks in less than a month. Hows has featured the Prime Boneless Rib-Eyes only once so far in 2006 (and the sales price was $8.99 a pound versus the usual sale price of $5.99/$6.99). Personally, Rib-Eye is my favorite steak but I will stock up on these NY Steaks -- too good of a value. I will continue to monitor Hows' steak sales.


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  1. I keep reading about all these great beef specials there. I wish they'd open a How's in the Hollywood area. How are prices and offerings, in general, in the rest of the market?

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    1. re: 2chez mike

      I think they're great. Their Torrance location is a very large and well-appointed supermarket. Prices throughout the store are very competitive, but especially in the meat department.

      1. re: 2chez mike

        I think it's worth it to drive from Hollywood to the San Marino location on a weekend just for the steaks. Believe me, the money you save will more than make up for the gas you use. I used to come from Silver Lake. Besides, you can stop by Arcadia, which is just a few exits down for Din Tai Fung.

        1. re: 2chez mike

          Their meat is fabulous. Other selections can be hit or miss. The produce selection is tired and uninspired, both in terms of quality and selection. But they do have some products that you wouldn't normally expect to be found in a regular supermarket -- San Marzano canned tomatoes, Illy cafe espresso, harissa, an interesting condiment section.

          1. re: 2chez mike

            They also have some good sales on wine. We got some bone-in steaks a few sales ago. Excellent. I don't remember what cut exactly.

            You can hit Fosselman's for ice cream to make the trip out there (San Marino location) even more worthwhile. They're sort of close-ish.

            1. re: Debra

              I've noticed the occasional wine deal, too. When they're having a closeout on something, you can save several dollars on a particular bottle.

              They often have some good seafood deals, too.

              I've gotten some really nice ahi for $5.99/lb, while the same stuff will go for triple that elsewhere. HOWS is the only place outside of Hawaii where I've seen ahi that cheap.

              At least in Pasadena/San Marino, they also have a very large selection of pre-marinated meat and chicken, which make for a tasty and easy home-cooked meal.

              I also just like shopping there; it's very customer-service oriented.

              1. re: Jack Flash

                And the Pasadena store is about twice the size of the Granada Hills store.
                Hopefully, the North Hollywood location on Lankershim and Weddington will open in around a year or so, and so those of us who are former Hughes shopppers will once again have a decent grocery option, especially on the steaks specials!

            2. re: 2chez mike

              I wish I ahd good things to say, Hows in Malibu is a lousy store. The prepared foods are disgustingly unappetizing. Their biggest saving grace is that they do have Boars Head deli meats. Since they've opened here, thev're raised lots of prices and don'thave the quality to match. I guess it's a case of a captive audience and lack of competiton but most western Malibu locals choose Cookes on Point Dume. That's not much of a choice either. The best Malibu grocery store by far is PC Greens, on PCH between Carbon and Cross Creek. It's worth our 15 minute drive toward town

              1. re: misomom

                Hows is a relatively small(4 stores)chain, as such you cannot expect costco prices. It is a convienence for those of us who dont want to drive to Ralphs in mid malibu. Cookes prices are not that good either. But you cant beat the prices on Prime steaks when on sale at Hows. I went to Bristol Farms and saw the same marbeling in their $29.95/pound Prime rib eyes as Hows on sale at $6.99.

                If you are complaining about prices I dont see how you can recommend PC GREENS, yes they have good produce, not a whole lot else. As an example just one quart of buttermilk is $3.00, now that is ridiculous.

            3. Nothing beats those HOWS rib eye steaks-even the best steak house. They were rich tasting and melt in your mouth tender. Still got a couple vacuum sealed left in my freezer from the last sale.

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              1. re: K

                You're right about the rib eyes, the NY's are good, especially for the price, but nothing beats the flavor of the prime rib eyes.

              2. Norm, thanks so much for this tip! We finally stopped by Hows in Torrance and were very pleased to see such well marbled (as malibumike commented on) PRIME steaks at this price...they were delicious cooked on the grill last night.