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Jul 20, 2011 08:31 AM

Neely's BBQ Parlor

Anyone check this place out yet, it's on the UES

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  1. I know that some of us don't trust Yelp reviews, but the Yelp reviews have been pretty negative so far.

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      I was just going to say an almost identical post, re yelp.
      I pass it on my way home from work, it seems busy, but that might just be the new car smell.

      1. re: ellenost

        I don't trust positive Yelp reviews or the random negative-for-no-legit-reason review, but if Yelpers are pointing to a place as hands down terrible even by Yelp standards....

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          Sad to say the least. I like the Neely's and would love to think that they work the kinks out with the restaurant.

          1. re: steakrules85

            I'm getting the distinct impression that it's a lot more than just working the kinks out. I just read a review on Serious Eats, and the bottom line there regarding the food is that it's pretty much awful.


            I see that Scott V in his post below feels the same way.


        2. I've been and posted reviews here on on Yelp. Avoid this place. I went opening week and the food was disgusting and they were comping meals all over the restaurant. I don't think one table was happy with their food. The BBQ was like jerky and literally inedible.

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          1. re: roree

            I was there the first week as well. Service was a mess, which could be excusable 3 days in and with a packed house.

            The food was bad as well. I ordered the pork sampler to get an idea of a few different meals they offer. The pulled pork was a uniform grey-tan color. Obviously had never seen an open flame, but I suppose was braised in an oven. The hush puppies were a soggy mess. Brisket sandwich was sauced and had no smoke flavor whatsoever. Mac and cheese didn't taste like cheese.

            All around the best thing I ate were the french fries and spare ribs, though neither were remarkable. I'd put this place below Bother Jimmy's for NYC BBQ. Really disappointed as the neighborhood needs more decent options.

            1. re: Scott V

              Very sad to hear this as I'd been looking forward to trying it when I get home. Thanks to your warning I will avoid it, but really, we do need some good casual places in the hood.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Just got back from there tonight. My son is a big fan of the Neely's show, and had wanted to go there since finding out about it. Having read all the reviews on Yelp, we approached it with trepidation...but, we had a great meal and really enjoyed ourselves. In terms of what were big complaints on Yelp:
              Nothing was cold.
              Everything was warm.
              Nothing was bland.
              Nothing was over-seasoned, although the collards were a tad salty.
              Now, I'll say up front, that I am not that big a bbq fan. I enjoy it when I eat it (nearly always ribs) but find that the flavors get wearing very fast. I can never finish even a small platter of ribs. So, I decided to go where no one has posted before. I ordered a martini- Tanqueray, extra dry, straight up. It wasn't a big one, no steak-house proportions here, but it tasted very good, so I have no complaints. We shared the iceberg lettuce salad. I am no fan of iceberg, but my son loves it, and since no place has romaine wedges, we went for it. Enjoyed it...and loved the candied bacon. I ordered the scallops. They were delicious, and perfectly cooked- crusty outside, nearly raw inside, and sweet. Unfortunately, they were small, and there were only 5....that is my biggest complaint of the meal. A good portion of broad bean and corn succotash, which was great. My wife ordered the beer can chicken, which of course, I ate also. The skin was not very crisp, but the chicken itself was very moist and flavorful. My son had the chicken-fried steak, and wisely requested that the sauce be on the side. It was good, but its not my thing, food-wise. Definitely ask for sauce on the side if you order it. I had the blackberry cobbler for dessert. Was good, just what it was supposed to be. Overall, we were all satisfied, and intend to go back...although next time I'll order something more substantial than the scallops, even though they really tasted great.