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Mar 15, 2006 05:06 PM

Monty's Steakhouse -- Woodland Hills?

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I've seen a couple reference made to this place. Is it good? What's the crowd like (ie, will we be the only 30 year olds)? How are the prices? Recs? Hubby and I love steak so I'm curious to try this if it's recommended.

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  1. We like it for what it does. It's open for lunch so its a great place for a heavy lunch laced with a few drinks. They pour good ones. The only steak I've ever had there is the filet (charred rare) and its been perfect every time. Their baked potatoes are immense. An interesting menu item is fried dill pickles which can be addictive.

    It seems very clubby with a large cast of regulars. We find it a comfortable place. Their wine list is pretty good and fairly priced at the upper end. Its one of the few places I've found Williams Selyem Pinot. Service, even when the place is crowded, has been fine but not spectacular.

    1. I would rather go to Charlie G's. Ventura and Louise, in Reseda. Apple tart is a MUST. Never had a bad steak there yet.

      My boyfriend made resv. to Monty's on something like Memorial Day for his Dad's b'day. They assured us that they were open. When we got there, they were closed. Never returned our calls about our complaint so we never went back.

      1. Yes, you will be the only young ones. Lots of cheesy hair and plastic surgery here, along with the occasional quality filet and baked potato. Drinks are their specialty, and the wine list is fair-good.

        1. Bringing this up to date a little...
          We had dinner there last weekend. The dinner crowd was a little on the older side, but we ate in the bar. I had the split pea soup app, which was delicious; it had a nice smokey ham flavor. I also had the app size Shrimp Monty, which was really tasty as well. The parmesan cheese toast was outrageously good. It's a little pricey, but the portions are huge. And, as previously mentioned, they do pour a significant adult beverage!

          They also have a band that plays Friday and Saturday night ('Stars and Guitars'?). Despite the odd name, they were really good and had the younger bar crowd dancing to classic rock all night.

          All in all, we really enjoyed it; had a great meal and a fun night!

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            Thanks for the update! I've been wanting to go to Monty's, but feared it was icky! DO they have a website, I wonder?

            1. re: Diana

              I looked for a website and didn't find one...
              We've lived in WH for 10+ years and drive by every day. Finally, we decided to give it a try and were really glad we did!

              1. re: Diana

                No web site, but they do use Open Table for booking reservations.


              2. re: CEfromLA

                It's really the only quality independent steakhouse in the west valley since Charlie G's closed. I will still stand by my thoughts above regarding all else.