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Jul 20, 2011 08:16 AM

JiXiang on Quinpool

I think this is my favourite restaurant foodwise in Halifax, and I would like to know what people have tried here.

I have tried:
Water cooked fish filets
Cumin beef
Twice cooked pork
Eggplant/peppers/carrot dish
Spicy shrimp
Spring rolls
Chicken legs (appetizer)

I thought every dish has been great. I have not eaten a ton of Szechuan food before, so I dont really have much to compare and contrast it to.

The water cooked fish fillets has been my favourite dish so far. This comes in a very large bowl that would probably be enough for 4 people to have a lunch sized meal (with rice). The broth is very spicy, flavourful, and oily. Cumin beef was also excellent, and no dish was in any way dissapointing.

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  1. analaysisparalysis

    What, no responses to your posting on one of the best restaurants in Halifax?

    We were there last Monday night. Everytime we go to JiXiang we forget to record on paper what we ate so here are some taken from the takeout menu and besides the ones you mentioned:

    eggs rolls / spring rolls - ho hum
    golden dumplings - not an inspiring interior, ho hum
    hot & sour soup -very good
    western lake beef soup - great
    preserved sichuan pickle soup - great
    sichuan chili chicken / & the beef - great
    gong bao chicken / & the shrimp - great
    yuxiang pork - great
    cumin beef - very good
    dry fried green beans - great
    dry fried pork - great
    chili squid - great
    jin jiang shredded pork - great
    hu po bean curd - great
    ma po - greatyu xiang eggplant - great
    spicy shredded potatoes - great - huge amount
    shanghai noodles seafood - great mix
    sichuan noods noodles - great
    zha zhaing noodles - great
    cold sichuan noodle - very good
    yang zhou fried rice - very good
    moshu pork - very good
    the two pig ear dishes (not on the take-away menu) - much better than expected

    We're working our way through the menu as you can see.

    Lately we've been eating twice a week at 9+Nine. The place is packed with Chinese and we've seen some sumptious banquets in progreess; mind-bending lobster dishes. And note all, the eggroll is alive and well in Halifax. They call it meat & vegetable roll on the menu but order as eggroll. Try a bit of their tableside chili sauce on it. The inside is very moist almost wet and remind me for some reason of the world-famous juice-filled dumplings at Joe's Shanghai in NYC. Check 9+9 too.