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[Pleasington, Lancashire] Clog & Billycock

Harters Jul 20, 2011 08:01 AM

We’ve never failed to enjoy food at any of the Nigel Haworth pubs and this was no exception. I just hope that, one day, he’ll open one in North Cheshire and then I can become a regular.

My partner is a sucker for a cheese soufflé and here it’s made with Leagrams organic Lancashire. Now that’s a cheese that we buy at the farmers market at Ashton under Lyne and it’s a belter. So, of course, it worked really well cooked as Lancashires tend to. Topped with some roasted cherry tomatoes, this was almost as good a starter as you want to come across.

Almost as good. Almost. I was getting stuck into a very manly portion of BBQ ribs (rare breed Middle White pork, no less). Exceptionally meaty, they were impossible to eat delicately and I needed a good wash before the main course. And, to put a north west spin on something seemingly American, a little dish of devilled black peas accompanied. Great stuff.

And to make sure I kept up to speed with clogging my arteries, I followed up with cheese and onion pie. Good pastry. Substantial filling of Leagrams “tasty” Lancashire and their lovely curd cheese. A baked potato on the side. And a tomato & onion salad which, truth be told, didnt’t work too well. Luckily, I’d also ordered some buttered cabbage – that worked well!

Herself was being much more restrained with a beef salad. Good tasty beef, nicely rare. A tossed salad, some new potatoes and a horseradish cream. Excellent.

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    Harters Feb 9, 2012 08:44 AM

    We stopped for lunch on our way back from the Lakes. .

    At eight quid, a starter of Morecambe Bay shrimps has to be bloody good. Well, it was. But not necessarily eight quid’s worth. They’re served warm in butter – which makes you think the kitchen has taken some standard potted shrimps and warmed them through. It’s not a bad idea, you know. They come served with a toasted muffin.

    The other starter came from the seasonal specials menu and was, effectively, cheese on toast. A toasted, buttered, crumpet, topped with sliced beetroot and a thick covering a melted day old Lancashire cheese curd from Leagrams. Now, I’m a fan of Leagram’s cheese and Bob Kitchen sells his wares at my local farmers market. And, if ever you get a chance to get your hands on Bob’s Knob you should grab it with both hands. It’s his three year old Lancashire and it’s rather brill (he does a five year one as well, which even he says is a bit too mature).

    Both mains came from the specials list. Braised brisket was a thick, generous slice and damn tasty. It came with some roasted root veg (which could have done with 5 minutes more roasting), very good gravy and chips (swapped for the advertised mash). Chicken, leek and ham pie is pretty much a classic dish and, here, there was absolutely nothing unclassic about it. Another generous portion, well filled with the advertised ingredients, bound with a good thick creamy sauce. Chips are also served. Proper chips, mind – none of your fries and none of your fat chips.

    Good lunch all round.

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