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Jul 20, 2011 06:18 AM

What to serve with lobster tails?

My mind is blank!! I am making broiled lobster tails tonight for my husband's b-day dinner and I cannot seem to think of anything to serve with it!

I was going to make a mushroom risotto, but is that too heavy or not balanced right?

Any ides I am open for! It seems like I have been grilling so much and making so many sides he has day in and out. I appreciate any help!!

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  1. My vote would be to grill the lobster and serve with an assortment of your favorite grilled vegetables with Parmigiano Reggiano Shavings ......served with a nice Frisee salad with citrus vinaigrette dressing. ..Maybe some grilled peaches, nectarines or pineapple with ice cream and Balsamic vinegar syrup for dessert.

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      ohhh, nice! I want to make a quick dessert. Was thinking of doing something with phyllo dough maybe and fresh berries?? Any ideas..thanks forunder!

      1. re: Angelina

        I just made a quick edit for dessert in the above post....but your idea is something I would like very much myself.....maybe with creme anglaise or Zabalione.

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          :) Thanks!!! Just fixed, see my mind is blank!

    2. I think a light pasta would go wonderful with the lobster

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        I'm with you. Lobster and grilled veggies seem incongruous to me. Maybe shredded sauteed zucchini with lemon and dill and shallots on angelhair?

      2. My vote is for rice pilaf and a green salad. A tomato salad (ie tomato slices and vinaigrette) would also be suitable. Lobster is such a rich meat that you'll be craving something to tone that richness down on your plate.

          1. I am actually having poached lobster tail for dinner tonight. I am having it with roasted asparagus and my three grain pilaf. (jasmine rice, barley and bulgur).