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Jul 20, 2011 06:03 AM

Knife help, please?

Hello there! I need help convincing a penny pincher that I live that it's time to get a new knife.

We used to eat lots microwave meals because they were convenient and cheap. We are both overweight and at risk of severe health problems if we don't start eating better, so I'm taking the initiative by starting to cook healthy meals from scratch as much as possible. In doing so, I've noticed that our knives are *terrible* and honestly I felt like I was trying to cut raw chicken with a spoon.

Our budget is already stretched thin so I would love to know of any great knife bargains. I would prefer something available in an online store if possible. Thanks!

EDIT: Sorry, this probably should have gone in the Cookware section. I am new here and didn't even see that section until after this was posted. You can move it there if you would like. :)

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  1. First of all a dull knife is unsafe, it causes you to have to chop much harder than you should which could cause slippage leading to a bad accident. also a sharp knife will make cutting onions less painful to the eyes. When slicing meats a sharp knife will make getting those paper thin slices much easier and when cutting up whole chickens it takes less force to chop through and keeps the knife from slipping off the bone and into your hand. Thats the safety convincing part ! Believe it or not, I got a great knife at Ross, it stays sharp and is light and easy to manage. The rest of my "expensive" knives came from Macy's, not a great bargain. Check foodnetwork for some good prices on knives

    1. Hi limegreen. Congratulations on your decision to start cooking in a more healthy way. You haven't mentioned if your *terrible* knives have ever been sharpened. You may not need new knives, what you may need is a sharpener. Here's a link to one that costs $30 - Even a $100 knife will become unusable if not sharpened.

      1. Sharp knives are indeed very important to a safe and satisfying cooking experience. I have been in a situation similar to yours; before I bit the bullet to buy decent knives I was using serrated steak knives to prep ingredients because they were the only 'sharp' things in my drawer! I have had wonderful experiences with Victorinox knives. They consistently come up near the top of ratings in Cook's Illustrated tests, I find them comfortable, and they are very affordable. Their Fibrox 8-Inch Chef's Knife is a great all-around basic knife to get you started, and Amazon has it for less than $30.

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          I totally agree. They won CI's inexpensive knife testing. They are great, and very cheap.

          1. re: Becca Porter

            Absolutely yes on the Victorinox Chef's knife. You'll love it. It's budget-worthy and you won't want to kill yourself or someone else if something God forbid happens to it. Next up, check out the Global knifeware selection. Honestly I'd go with the first though.

          2. re: GardenFresh

            +1 on this. Victorinox. Great "beginner" knife in my opinion. Best bang for the buck.

          3. I always recommend Dexter Russell knives for quality and value. They are not beautiful but they are so perfectly functional that they are owned and used by a majority of restaurant kitchens. Best of all, a good chef's knife will run you only a little over $30 bucks. Here is a link...

            1. I have historically been a knife snob, but recently bought a chef knife and paring knife at Ikea for our second home. Not super cheap (I think maybe $30 for the chef's knife), but I'm not missing my high $$ Henkels as much as I had though. Also make sure you get a good cutting board.