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Jul 20, 2011 01:52 AM

Arezzo recommendations

Hi Everyone!

I am off to Florence (actually, a place called "Laterina") in a few weeks and I am already armed with a number of recommendations for Florence. I am told that Arezzo is actually a lot closer and more convenient to where my family will be staying. Accordingly, are there any recommendations for:

1) Casual places (to take 10 adults, 2 teens and a toddler)

2) A special meal (that wont break the bank) for our group- one of the teens will be celebrating her birthday.

Will everything be open at this time (we will be there August 5-15)?

Any other recommendations for the area are would gladly be accepted too!

Grazie Mille

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  1. Whatever you do, DO NOT EAT at this restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My husband and I took a day trip to Arezzo and we fell into a major tourist trap (which his really quite embarrassing since we are in tourism). We were drawn by the charm of the place- an underground dining area full of antiques and frescoes. The owner was extremely charming and made us feel so welcome...but the pleasantness stopped there.

    This place served the WORSE food I have ever eaten in all of Italy. In fact, it is the worse I have eaten EVER. It's called Buca di San Francesco. Here is the link:

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      What made the food "the WORSE (sic) food..."? Poor ingredients? Poor execution? Poor conception of the dishes?

    2. There are of course a lot of restaurants in Arezzo and the surrounding countryside.

      Here is a link to restaurants in Arezzo town from our restaurant page.

      You may want to click on each of these and see whether it is promising.

      Also, since your location is I think in the Valdichiana there is a lot of Tuscany around you and many , many country and village restuarants that may be easier to access than places in either Florence or Arezzo - the country restuarants may be more likely to be open during the vacation season as well.

      When I put your stated location "Laterina" into the RESTAURANT page search, I get L'Antico Borgo in Civitella as a nearby restaurant.. If you click on that you can do a further search in the map for nearby restaurants - clicking on boxes above and below the restaurant and expanding or reducing the map.

      In that area, you are close to a variety of towns like Lucignano, Monte San Savino and the nearby Chianti, as well as, on the other side of the autostrada, over toward Arezzo.

      Hopefully some of the other Tuscan chowhounds can give you more personal suggestions.

      L'Antico Borgo
      Via di Mezzo, 35, Civitella in Val di Chiana, Tuscany 52040, IT

      1. I think it's required that you eat in the restaurant under the Vasari loggia. Or at least, that's where we ended up during our wandering around Arezzo, and then the next two times we told people we'd been to Arezzo they said, "oh, when we were there we ate in that restaurant under the loggia" -- I'm kidding of course, but you could do worse.

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            I think there are actually two -- one is simply called Loggia Vasari and the other is called La Lancia d'Oro. From what I can tell the latter is a quite a bit fancier. I believe the one we ate at was the former, which is more casual and has lots of tables outside under the loggia overlooking the piazza.