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Jul 19, 2011 11:38 PM

Calbee (Japanese fried snacks) at Downtown Westfield Mall, SF w/ Pics

I went to the Grand Opening of the first Calbee store in Downtown SF Westfield Mall, across from Bristol Farms. I didn't try anything, but brought some home for the husband who really liked the Purple Mix & Vegetable sticks.

Everything is made in Japan, they are deep fried snacks, no baked shrimp chips which you can find at 99Ranch anyways.

Sticks - prices are $3-5 (S,M,L)
Black pepper

Snaps - $3-5
Lightly salted
Purple Mix

Garden Duo $4-6
Harvest Trio $4-6
Island Special $5-7

Anyone try anything there? They gave out samples on the Grand Opening Day, but maybe you can ask for some.

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  1. got the purple mix and they were tasty. left them for my son and it was all gone by next morning.

    lots of seasoning (msg, additives, herbs, spices, salt, etc) in these fried goodies so of course they are tasty. would like to see an ingredients list.

    my concern is palm oil was used since it's the cheapest cooking oil around.