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Jul 19, 2011 11:22 PM

Replacing a CuisinArt Food processor (Dualit XL1500 main contender) Robot Coupe option?

Hi there,
Just signed up, I saw some hot discussion on food processor so thought I'd pose my own dilemma here.

Less than a year ago I purchased a CuisinArt Elite FP16DCU here:

I was pulsing away one day and all of a sudden it just stopped working, something in the motor went, I sent it back for in warranty repair and was told I'd be sent a replacement machine. UKjuicers (who have always been great to deal with) said I could either get a replacement or have the value credited to my account to purchase anything else on the site with.

I wasn't overly happy with the FP16DCU so am greatly considering my other options. The reasons for not being happy are is that it's very difficult to clean and some parts (under the lid seal) are impossible, I've food particles (poppy seeds and bits of other things) stuck there that I just can't get out, I've tried soaking in hot sudsy water, high pressure washing, going crazy with it submerged in water and they are stuck good. Also the design I believe is terrible, there's so many nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in making every cleaning job a bigger task than the food preparation itself. Also one time after using it, I had to leave the house quickly and didn't have time to undertake the task of cleaning up such a machine (I don't have a dishwasher) so I left it with a bit of food in it for maybe a day, food that was safe to be left in the open air by the way, and ever since there has been an odour from the lid that I just can't get rid of (again, tried soaking etc) but it's no use. The FP16DCU just seems to have far too many unnecessary crevices, bumps and everything else.

I had to come up with the idea of putting a layer of cling wrap between the lid and the bowl when I'm making things. It works very well actually, sometimes you don't even need to clean the lid at all :


I've discussed such annoyances with a chef who uses her processor a lot too, for all different kinds of things and we both agree that whoever is designing these things, probably doesn't use them extensively enough. She even had her processor lid customised by a co-worker who added an attachment to the lid that basically circumnavigates the side of the bowl, scraping down the food that has built up on the sides out of reach from the blade without having to stop, remove the lid, scrap down and repeat every 15 seconds or so (try making nut butter with nothing but nots and you'll see how necessary this would be). Simple yet very effective and something I even thought of myself after experiencing the same problem.

So now the dilemma is this; I've decided to ditch the CuisinArt because of these annoyances (plus the fact it broke down on me in the first place is a big point too) but the only other processor in the same range on this site is a Dualit XL1500 This looks to be pretty good, has an auto pulse feature too (again, why there doesn't seem to be a variable speed processor on the market in this rang is beyond me, one you can start off very slow and increase the speed as the contents mix so there isn't a big cloud of cacao powder or any other powder that would create a plume all over the bowl. I'm hoping the "e disc" with the Dualit will help this somehow. Anyway, I can't find any proper reviews of the Dualit XL1500, it seems to be quite new from a UK company on the go for 60 years. I was thinking if they stocked Robot Coupe machines maybe I'd invest a little more and get one of these, but they don't and there's nothing else on the site I'd want to use the credit for other than a food processor.

I'm just wondering has anyone had experience with the Dualit brand before or perhaps even this processor? I've tried looking but can't find images of the underside of the lid and attachments to get an idea how easy or difficult they will be to clean, but besides that, it seems pretty much on par with the FP16DCU in terms of features, power and accessories.

I thought I'd just make a post here anyway if anyone was interested to reply with any feedback I'd appreciate it :


*EDIT: Just came across another type of machine, a "Blixer", seems to be robot coupe only, but has the side scraper I was talking about above and there's a variable speed one too, but at a local price of over €2,000 there's no way I'll be getting one any time soon! I don't see why the scraper arm can't also be put on the food processors like the CuisinArt, MagiMix and Dualit, such an essential feature in my view aswell as the variable speed.

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  1. I have the Magimix 5200XL, which appears to be sold in the UK as well (it's on It's pretty easy to clean. It comes with this "BlenderMix" thing... it's like a ring that sets inside the bowl, and it has fins... I'm not sure it would accomplish what you're looking for, scraping-wise, but take a look anyway. It also has an egg whisking attachment, but it's nothing like the e-disc. It's more blade-like.

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      Thanks for the reply :) Just had a quick Google and it's described as being an attachment to get smoother smoothies by pushing the contents down to the blade. I'd like to see it in action but there doesn't appear to be anything on youtube. I wonder how it would handle the likes of nut powder building up around bottom half of the sides as that's something that scraper would combat. Thanks for the tip anyway, I wasn't aware of such an attachment, I wonder if it's universal to all Magimix, or even more than magimix and could even work in the one I've bought? :) Sent an email to the Dualit manufacturers with suggestion but haven't heard anything back.

      1. re: cormie

        Hey, did you ever get anywhere in your quest for a scraper attachment? I'm in the middle of making nut butter with nothing but hazelnuts in my dualit and it's been 25 minutes so far in which I've had to stop it so many times to scrape the sides down, it'd be so much quicker and easier with a scraper!

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          HAHAHHAHA, what is this!?! I just realised I signed up to reply to my own post I made 3 years ago :) I was wondering who took the username "cormie" when it said it was already taken on signing up, turns out it was me!