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Jul 19, 2011 11:08 PM

Vegetarian or seafood base ramen, anywhere?

I know ramen soup is usually meat or more specifically pork based, but are there any recommendations for fish/seafood base or vegetarian base. I'll be in Tokyo with my girl, who is a non meat, but seafood ok vegetarian. WWW sources say Kagetsu, Ivan Plus, Bonito Bonito.

Just wondering 1) good ramen? 2) also good for regular/real ramen too for the meat acceptable eaters (me and family)?

I'm going to be mostly staying in Shinjuku but can travel pretty much anywhere in Tokyo.


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  1. I love the ramen at Ivan Plus. Their two regular ramen variations come with a seafood-based soup, but you can order extra chashu (pork slices) to make up for any meat deficiencies. Come to think of it, chashu might be a standard part of the dish, so you might have to ask for a bowl without pork, or just give the extra slice to a meat-eater in the group.

    They also have a fantastic four-cheese ramen, and a soy-milk dipping ramen (tsukemen) that's quite interesting.

    The shop is at Kyodo station, around 16 minutes by express train from Shinjuku.

    1. One of my favorite Ramen shops period, specializes in a bowl with a seafood base. They even list what fish are in the base that day on the wall. The shop is called Kaijin and they're located in Shinjuku which is perfect for you.

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        Reading those blogs, couldn't tell if it was straight seafood or seafood with some pork in it.

        I'm willing to chance it (or not tell) that it's pork (or meat) free, but is it something that you can confirm?

        Thanks for the responses so far.

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          Yeah, not sure about that. Their bowl has some similarities with Wonton Mein so I am thinking the shrimp dumpling could have pork mixed in like Wonton but I am not 100% sure.

      2. Went to Ivan Plus and Kaijin. Got by okay enough with bad Japanese and their accommodating English to make sure offerings at Ivan Plus were only seafood base for my friend. Not as successful at Kaijin.

        Both very good. Ramen was good, rice sides (roasted tomato rice at Ivan Plus, rice ball at Kaijin) were good, onsen egg was good, everything was good. Thanks for the recommendations.

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          Ivan's roast tomato is great! Glad you enjoyed them both.

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            Yeah, there's no english going on at Kaijin at all. Glad you went to the trouble of finding the shop and eating there though. It's not an easy thing and not something everyone will do especially with Ramen as it can be a somewhat intimate environment. Thanks a ton for reporting back.

            1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

              Yes, I have try the ramen Kaijin this week too., I have to say that ...The smell of fish might scare!!! But the soup was really tasting good !! There is more! As same as other clients, I did order a yaki-onigiri to splurge in this succulent soup. If there is a remark to be done, it is about the tsumiire... if they had some kind of schrimp wantan, it would have been perfect with fine slice leeks. One of the tsumiire is made from chicken meat, but that can be removed... Better to command the sashimi wakame in replacement of the tsumiire. Oh, I want to go back !