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Jul 19, 2011 09:25 PM

COUPONS, RESTAURANT.COM question please,,,,,

Ok, so "Restaurant.Com" has all of these super coupons.

As an example, a local Thai place I really like is offer $100 worth of food for $40,00.

Ok, great. Dine-in only, I get it.

BUT it's one of the ONLY restaurants to say "must present coupon when ordering".

Am I too skeptical? I'm worried that when they know I have the coupon, they'll reduce the portion or the food won't be as good.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Yes, you are too skeptical................

    Restaurants are using coupons as a means to bring in NEW customers to try the establishment. They want to make a good impression, not cut corners.

    By asking that the patron present the coupon when ordering the establishment ensures:

    #1 The coupon is not expired-avoids hassles later

    #2 The coupon is valid on the night being used (some have restrictions)

    #3 The coupon is valid for the meal being ordered (lunch only, dinner only, etc)

    #4 There is no limit on the coupon, one per table, or one per couple

    #5 The server can spot restrictions such as $50 minimum does not include drinks or tax or tip

    Getting the coupon first and ensuring the patron and restaurant are in compliance can avoid embarassing situations and/or hard feelings later.

    The coupon is for $50, the patron's bill is $40, the patron shouldn't just put the coupon on the table at the end of the meal and leave, thinking the $10 is a tip. You and I wouldn't do this, but it has occurred. So get the coupon first, make sure patron and establishment understand what is covered and have a great meal.

    BTW> You can save an additional 12% by ordering coupons by going through to get there. pays a rebate directly to your PayPal account monthly on all kinds of internet shopping. You pay the merchant, not Bigcrumbs.

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      Thanks for the great reply, and the helpful tip!

      Happy eating to you sir and may the Force be with you.

      1. re: bagelman01

        Thanks for the info. Does it really work?

        1. re: paprkutr

          yes, it does work. It lets restaurants have an advertising budget with no cash outlay. collects the cash, the restaurants gain new patrons who might not have wanted to spend the dollars for a first experience and the restaurant's cost is only the plate cost.

          If a restaurant spent $5,000 on a print or radio advt and no one came, they're out the $5,000. If instead $5,000 of coupons are redeemed, the restaurant has spent the plate cost of approx $2,000. It doesn't cost the restaurant a penny until a coupon is used. Furthemore, most people tend to spend more than the amount on the coupn, and for thisngs such as drinks which may be excluded from the offer.

          If the restaurant makes a good impression they gain new clientele who will come back. Most CHers i know don't use coupons at places they frequent, but would use them to try a new place. There have been threads on this this past year.

          Having grown up in the retail business, coupon advertising is a favorite way for businesses to track their advertising dollars and see if the investment is worth it. the same coupon running in different publications will be coded so that ongoing advertising decisions may be made.

      2. often has 70-90% sales too.