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Jul 19, 2011 09:20 PM

Reviews on Camp Neshama and a kosher hotel in the Maryland area?

Has anyone stayed at Camp Neshama with a group? If so, what was your experience? Also, is there currently a kosher hotel in Maryland? If so, any reviews on that? Mini-family reunion in the works and I am hesitant to drop these suggestions to the planner if these places are not clean and comfortable.

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  1. I stayed at Pearlstone Conference Center (which I believe is on the Camp Neshama grounds) for a Shabbos sheva brachos. Clean, comfortable, terrific food, very accommodating to special needs, highly recommended for a group (we had roughly 20 families, if I recall correctly). Please don't ask me about prices, I was on the chosson's side.

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      Thanks. I will look into Pearlstone. That is in Maryland. Camp Neshama is in the Poconos. Still looking for info on that one.

    2. I stayed at camp neshama with a group and we had an excellent time. We got a very good rate because we booked for multiple nights. I came with a group of 75 people and we all stayed in the beautiful lodge. We got to boat and swim in the private lake . We got to use the go carts. We got to swim in the pool. We had the option to play basketball, tennis, hockey and volleyball. We had a memorable time. We hopefully will be coming back again next year!

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        Do they have a caterer on premises or did you bring the food? How did that work out?

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          We brought our own food, but from what I understand, they allow you to bring your own glatt kosher caterer to the premises.