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Best Soupe à l'oignon and best Soupe de poissons in Paris

Two of my friends are coming from the states and are craving for Soupe à l'oignon and Soupe de poissons .... where are the best? Help they are arriving friday.

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  1. I really don't know. But I suspect that the best Soupe à l'oignon is found in New Jersey or something. It's one of those dreamed French specialities that no French people actually eat. As for soupe de poissons, I've only ever seen actually eaten (or drunk) in Bretagne, and there are some pretty decent ones to buy from Monoprix.

    1. See this hilarious all-over-the-map thread on onion soup.
      If you use the search function, you will probably find a recent thread on soupe de poisson.

      1. Thanks Souphi and Parigi, went to rue Lévis this afternoon bought fish soup and rouille, great. Indeed the thread on Soupe à l'oignon is hilarious . Will make it at home for them and will give you feedback...Thanks

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          I second the recommendation for canned soupe de poisson, it is often the best solution. Look for any can or glass jar made on the Atlantic or Manche coast: Brittany, Vendée, Normandy, Picardie, etc.
          Also last night I had the best fish soup I ever had in Paris — at Spring.
          Restaurants: try La Cagouille, La Méditerranée, Le Divellec: you can't go wrong.

        2. actually, good onion soup is still findable ... only problem is that the quality is rarely consistent ... at 4am, it's absolutely delicious at Au Pied de Cochon in Les Halles but not so good (but hardly bad) at 4pm... just a matter of different batches at different times and being there at the right time, i guess... and maybe it's just a psychological thing but it always seems to taste better in winter than in summer

          many of the classic landmark cafés/ brasseries also do good to excellent soupe à l'oignon... certainly La Rotonde in Montparnasse and Le Flore in Saint Germain des Prés do it very well indeed... but it will cost you 10 to 12 € a bowl... ouch!

          other than the now average and somewhat overpriced Bastide Odéon on the rue Corneille in the 6th and Le Grand Colbert in the 2nd, I can't think of any places that have both fish soup and onion soup on the menu ... but I am sure there must be others

          1. Unless I lived in Paris, Onion Soup would be one of the last things I'd look for there. And even then, I think it's probably best made at home. In January. ;) mmmm right now my brain is revisiting a lovely chestnut soup I had several autumns ago in Paris. Yum.

            1. As said my fav onion is at Au Pied de Cochon, and poisson any of the glass jars at Bon Marche. Also many poissoniers sell their own soupe de poissons, and with enough rouille all are wonderful.

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                No need to go to Bon Marché. Canned soupe de poissons is one food whose quality is rather constant wherever you buy it. Last night at Auchan there were about ten different brands and varieties of it: fish soup, bouillabaisse broth, crab soup, lobster soup...

                It pays to buy the soupe de poisson and then to make the rouille and the garlic croûtons yourself.

              2. As they've said, forget Onion soup, it's just a caricature of French food...

                As far as Soupe de Poissons, it is available, I had an excellent one at Antoine in the 16th...


                Canned soup??? Aaargh!!!

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                  Canned and bottled fish soup is like cassoulet, it's often better than the restaurant versions... It's a type of food that takes really well to canning.

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                    The best French Onion soup has to be at La Petite Chaise on rue de Grenelle. http://www.alapetitechaise.fr/english...

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                      Enjoy. No canned soup for moi. Of course, the best Soupe de Poissons is to be found down along the Mediterranean...

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                        A question on a related note:

                        Does it pay to get canned fish soup from one of the renowned poisonneries like Dome or are they all the same?

                        Like the TS I am also searching for a good example in Paris but I am also keen to keep the budget low..

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                          and a related question -- is the stuff in bottles better than the stuff in cans?

                          My gut instinct would be that it is...and indeed I've had a bottle of the stuff in my hands a number of times, but have never quite brought myself to try it, lest it just be fishy (in a bad way)