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Jul 19, 2011 03:06 PM

Business Dinner Recommendations?

Hi, I'm looking for suggestions for a group of 10-15 professionals for dinner. We'll be in Las Vegas for a convention and are taking some of our associates out to dinner. We're looking for something under $100/head and close to Mandalay Bay.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. Ri Ra, the Irish pub, does a good job with small groups. Also the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Mandalay Bay, Lupo should be in that price range.

    1. Any other suggestions for this kind of event? Trying to coordinate a nice dinner for about the same number. We will be in town running a convention and we would like to have a "team" dinner. Generally this consists of a steak house or a standard Italian place but Id like to break out of that mold if possible and find something a little more interesting - perhaps something especially "Vegas"... But I cant go too far off the deep end because many in the party will be expecting the steak house/Italian restaurant and will be afraid of anything too exotic unfortunately (read: asian food, pre fixe, meats that arent beef/chicken/pork/lamb, etc.). So something that can be both interesting and conservative would work. Any recommendations? Price range is under $40 an entree.

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        For the Mandalay Bay person, I'd consider Verandah at the Four Seasons next door; really nice menu, great service, and you can sit outside. I think the bulk of their entrees come in under $40. Plus, they are upgrading the wine list (overdue) and the new list is very good and has a lot of good values.

        For the second poster, you might consider BOA, which is a steak house, but has a great location and some interesting variety. Other choices that might be sufficiently conservative and yet interesting would include Aureole at the MB, Nobhill at the MGM, and Sage at Aria... Sage might push your price point but is a great restaurant. Bouchon at the Venetian would also be right in that range and is consistently great. and not scary.

        3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

      2. You should consider Charlie Palmer. The "Cut of the Week" remains one of the best deals on the strip with 3 courses (plus bottomless wine pairings with the first two courses) for $48/pp. It is in the Four Seasons.

        Here's the link for a recent menu. (Note they don't seem to be offering the Cut of the Week during LV Restaurant Week).

        1. Our convention is back in Vegas again after two years and the same question applies once again. We wound up going to Bouchon in 2011 and it was fantastic. I would like to do B&B this time but I understand there is a minimum charge and a more limited menu for parties of 9 or more (something like $120 a head!). Is it worth it to take a party of 15 or so to B&B at that rate? Am also considering Sage and Nobu if I can convince the majority of our party to try something way outside their comfort zone (high end japanese). Any new restaurants or others I didnt notice in the past two years or so that you would recommend this time around for a large work party?

          1. Have not been but hear the new Rx Boiler Room (Rick Moonen's gastropub) is pretty good. While I am in the camp of those getting tired of celeb chefs and their forays into "gastro pubs", I have a good friend whose opinion I trust who really enjoyed his recent dinner there.