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Jul 19, 2011 02:30 PM

Sichuan Party at Trizest Madison Hts, MI [Detroit Area]


Rumblings there is a party brewing for a Sichuan tasting (by real Sichuan chefs) targeted for 6 August. Anyone heard anything?

I could really go for some true "red menu" fare..

  1. whaaa? i wanted to try this place, and i'm definitely in. The last place in the states i experienced good sichuan food was @ the now famous tasty china headed by peter chang (
    if this happens, i'm in heaven

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    1. re: gan911

      6 August is confirmed for first 16 respondants. More info at google groups detroit chow.

    2. Have any of you been there before? I have, and quite honestly, I live less than 2 miles from the place and I would rather eat Wendy's. Dry fried beef would make Mrs. Chaing turn vegetarian. The spring rolls were so greasy they were unedible. I have given this place several tries and have given up. I can honestly say I have not had a good meal there yet. I'll eat Vietnamese or Thai. Sichuan, I'll make at home.

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      1. re: mty917

        Admittedly Trizest offers numerous stinkers. But, they also have quite a few real winners which can hardly be had anywhere else in Michigan, save for home kitchens with sharp chefs at play.

        1. re: VTB

          Agreed, there are hits and misses on their menu. They have their specialties, which they truly excel at (and no other restaurant in Michigan serves); and the rest of their menu is just sort of an afterthought. I wouldn't pass judgement on a Sichuan restaurant based only on deep-fried beef and spring rolls that aren't even Sichuan.

          1. re: jjspw

            No disrespect but dry fried beef is not deep fried beef, and I did say I have been there several times. I love this style of Chinese cooking and was real excited when I first read this place was opening. I'd love suggestions on what to order.

            1. re: mty917

              So, We have cold spiced beef on the menu for a CH Detroit party but MTY you seem to be a hater rather than a joiner. We assume you won't be joining the party on 6 August??

              1. re: goatgolfer

                Gauntlet is thrown. Menu looks great. I'm in.

        2. re: mty917

          haven't been there yet, but i'm assuming this is the best showing for this place. I just moved up to dtw a month ago and haven't tried a single chinese place, so if this is one of the best in the area, I can at least gauge what is available....

        3. On a related note, I just noticed a new Chinese restaurant called Chao Zhou that is going in to a nearby strip mall--the one on John R at Whitcomb (a bit south of 14 Mile). It's next door to Tai Pan Bakery, Fuji Market, Oriental BBQ, Edamame Sushi, etc.

          I googled it, and came up with this local blog post about it:

          Noodle soups and dim sum? Yes, please!

          Looks like we'll have to add it to our must-try list when they open!

          1. This Aug 6 gathering sounds like a good time also. Wish I were going to be there. Iowaboy

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            1. re: Iowaboy3

              6 august is still on for Trizest at 7pm and we have four spaces left. Cost is $25 +5 tip and the menu is quite extensive. You can contact me on google groups detroit chow. Thursday noon is the deadline to sign up. Hopefully the menu is below.

              1. re: goatgolfer

                BTW for Trizest the real address is 33170 Dequindre Rd sterling heights mi. (14 + dequindre NE corner back from the road)

                1. re: goatgolfer

                  Are you down with RSVP....Yeah you know me. I shall be in attendance if all goes well.