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Jul 19, 2011 01:42 PM

BELFAST: lo fi / vegetarian friendly lunch & local real ale pubs & quick dinner/large snack

We are spending a day in Belfast next week. I'm looking for recommendations for a pleasant lunch and a decent speedy dinner/snack. My husband pretty much eats like a vegetarian, and I like a high vegetable to meat ratio. We will have a stressful morning flight and meetings, so I imagine a place like Railroad Cafe or Towpath in London would be ideal and calming for lunch. Maybe a local real ale pub to rest our weary feet? And then as I just like to stuff my face, some sort of place for a quick dinner/big snack before flying back to London. Something like pizza?

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  1. Do a quick search of the board for 'Belfast' - there have been some good recs before.

    My favourite restaurant there is the Ginger Bistro. It's very laid-back and slightly tucked away (but still central) and we have had several excellent meals there. The fish dishes are always good and there are veggie options. It's also very reasonable, especially compared to London.

    If it doesn't inspire, do a search for Molly's Yard, Made in Belfast or Beatrice Kennedy. James Street South is apparently very good but possibly more high-end/formal than you might like for lunch.

    Please don't eat pizza in Belfast. It would be such a waste of a meal. Personally, I would head straight for Mourne Seafood which I believe has recently opened a new oyster bar. (Not sure if you can book a seat at the bar, but you certainly need to book a table in the restaurant - it's very popular). We had fantastic seafood here and the new small plates menu at the bar might suit for your 'snack' meal. The squid and piri prawns are highly recommended. It's very relaxed, great wine, good cocktails. A real winner, though possibly limited on veggie options.

    Pubs: The John Hewitt, Morning Star, The Duke of York, maybe the Crown Liquor Saloon (worth a quick look at the Victorian gin palace interior, protected by the National Trust) or the Cloth Ear at the Merchant Hotel. (Have never been to that last one but if it's anywhere near as good as their cocktail bar, you will be happy).

    A quick Google search should throw up some pure vegetarian places if you think that might be more suitable.

    James Street South
    21 James Street South, Belfast BT2 7GA, GB