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Jul 19, 2011 01:18 PM

Things that are especially aesthetically pleasing or sensuous in cooking and baking...

One of the things I most enjoy in baking is preparing peaches. I love the way the skins slip off and expose the roseate flesh underneath. I love their scent and their slickness in my hands. I love their juiciness. I love sneaking a piece of them every so often. One of summer's most delightful joys. How about you? What lights your culinary torch?

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  1. Big cubes of browned meat slow braising in a heady mixture of booze, herbs, spices, and maybe some dried fruit and a bunch of whole garlic cloves---especially towards the end when the port or porter or whatever thickens and glistens with rendered fat.

    1. Caramelizing onions. Love how they gradually turn golden in colour and the smell is better than any of those fooffy room scents for setting the mood ;-).

      1. Stovetop custards and puddings and sauces. Lemon curd. I love feeling them thicken as I stir.

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            Sabayon, too. I love the act of whisking and watching it slowly mound on the whisk.

          2. This might sound simplistic, but I really like creaming butter and sugar together by hand. Actually, mixing any batter or dough by hand, with a wooden spoon or wire whip, does it for me.

            1. Anything that involves strawberries and melted chocolate. Do I really need to explain?