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Ideas to use up my Salmon Jerky

I recently purchased a pound of salmon jerky while in Seattle. It's long strips that are a little smokey, a little sweet (not too much) and quite salty. I enjoy just eating it as it.. but we're getting a little tired of it (I guess one pound was a little much). Does anyone have any ideas of how to use it in a meal? I will do some with a creamy pasta, but other than that, I don't have many ideas. My SO will NOT eat cream cheese or mayo so that's one 'hitch'.

Thoughts anyone?

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  1. You could mail it to me! Salmon jerky sounds awesome.

    1. make a dip with sour cream or yogurt to mix it in...maybe a gelatin type for crackers?,
      too bad about the mayo and cream cheese that would be a great spread
      I wonder if it would be good in a chipped beef type recipe?

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        oh ya..sour cream is out too for the SO. At $40/lb I'm 'committted' to it!

        1. re: TSAW

          Just curious how you make a creamy pasta the SO will eat?

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            Can SO have butter? I once made a bechamel with soy milk and it came out as good as the real stuff.

            Oh! You can probably use a 'veggie' margarine instead of the butter.

            There is your answer- a bechamel made with veggie marge and soy milk.

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              Oh so it's not a dairy thing. Odd but... ok.

            2. re: ROCKLES

              I will use a half and half, broth and fresh parm cheese to do sauce.

              Butter is ok. SO doesn't like anything that is perceived as a 'dip' type food. Soya milk? I dunno.. I wouldn't eat margarine if was the last thing on earth! Good ideas for hosting my vegan friends tho! I always struggle with that.

        2. Salmon jerky is one of the very best things in the whole world.

          You could cut it into a green salad with tomatoes, capers, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. It is also delicious along with fresh tomatoes in eggs benedict. I've also chopped it up and used it in a mushroom and spinach quiche with very nice results.

          1. How about salmon jerky, lettuce and tomatoes on toast, pretending it's bacon. Or dice it up and add it to veggie fried rice. Chop it and add it to cheddar biscuit batter and bake.

            I would have eaten it all by now, making this post obsolete.

            1. Could you freeze it and pull it out in a few months when you won't be so tired of it?

              1. When I was introduced to SOS (S*** on a shingle), I really liked it.
                I'm thinking dried beef is similar to salmon jerky. I bet you could do something like that.

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                  SOS? Never heard of it.. I'm going to look it up now!

                  The salmon is not really too dry. A little oily and firm.

                2. Cut small pieces and use it in a salad instead of bacon.

                  1. Rehydrate it, toss with garlic, olive oil, and parmesan, over rice or pasta.

                    Salad: sliced red peppers, onions, tomatoes, pine nuts or peanuts, salmon (rehydrate), vinaigrette. Toss with arugula.

                    1. in terms of using it as a bacon substitute:
                      - eggs - add to a frittta, omelet or scramble
                      - potatoes - add to hash, crumble over a baked potato, or fold into mashed potatoes
                      - use in a hot "bacon" dressing for salad or wilted greens
                      - corn chowder
                      - mac & cheese

                      1. Hi, TSAW:

                        But for the creamcheese kapu, I was going to suggest a mousse.

                        Now I'm thinking a finely-chopped salmon salad with rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, grated onion, black Hawai'ian salt, some diced tomato, and a handful of toasted sesame seeds. Add daikon if you want more snap, crunch and peppa. Cross between a salad and a relish. Melds and macerates nicely in da fridge.