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Jul 19, 2011 01:00 PM

Masterchef tonight 7/19 [spoilers]

I am really looking forward to tonights episode!

We will see the judges moms tonight - one of whom -Graham Elliots mom - MamaKate has posted here!

After a few boring episodes, I really enjoyed last night.
The guy who made his exit was so gracious and lovely, I wish we had seen more interveiws with him before.
He was highlighted last night, so from early on, I knew he was the one who'd be going.

To be honest, I thought the other guys dish looked horrific, and to take a $500 truffle, and murder it the way he did, I really thought he should have gone. (even though, I know he is a better chef in the long run)

One more hing to note - I have said it before, but I think Graham is so handsome, but last night, when he took his glasses off - WHOA. Super Sexy!

Mamakate - I can't wait to watch!
I bet you are having a party tonight!!

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  1. It was fun to see the moms!

    Funny you should mention the black guy (I just looked his name up: Erryn) who went home Monday night. At the top of the episode they had a camera on him saying something (I can't remember what) and I said to my husband, "Boy, he is really flying under the radar." It was then I realized he would be going home. I thought he was a class act and was sad to see him go for that reason alone. He was a refreshing contrast to the vulgar single mom (Christine), temper tantrumy Christian (stay at home dad), and some of the other puffed up contestants (well, just Suzy really).

    I think sending Guiseppe home tonight was a good choice. Nice guy, but he never really wowed me.

    So, any guesses on who the frontrunners are at this point? I don't really have a favorite at this point, though I am kind of down on Christine, Christian and Suzy for their attitudes. (Suzy less so.) At the start I wanted Christian to win. Now I'm thinking maybe Ben or Derrick. Or maybe Adrien because they've just pounded on him. I wouldn't mind Alejandra or Jennifer either.


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      I enjoyed the moms too!
      (especially, since I had previously "chatted" here with mamaKate! It was great to put a face with her posts, she really does seem like a gracious, lovely woman)

      I assume Erryn wasnt spotlighted often, simply because he was a lovely guy - no drama to be had from him! I wish him the best.

      At this point, it could be anyones to win.
      I think the elimination challenges thus far seem really random and kind of wacky. (like the episode where the team leader had to pick the 2 bottom chefs to go head to head - and the cocky kid got sent packing - totally unfair!)

      I still dont know anyones names except Alejandra - and I like her. I also like the heavy metal guy with the pierced lip....oh and the guy who was in the bottom 2 in the truffle challenge - he seems like a really nice guy...I tend to root for the chefs that I like - rather than base my favorites on cooking ability.