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Jul 19, 2011 12:44 PM

Fast Food - thoughts?

I was just reading an article about fast food on chow topics. The article stated, "Consumer Reports surveyed 36,733 readers who frequent fast-food chains (let's be honest, who doesn't?)"

The "Let's be honest, who doesn't?" really got to me. We truly do not eat fast food. Ever. As in, my 9 yo daughter has never been to McDonald's, etc.

Are we really odd, or is this an over-generalization? Is fast food that prevalent in US culture and we're just weird?

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  1. As this is July 19th, 2011 it means l have not been to a fast food restaurant for 8 years, 6 months, and 19 days. It was a New Year's Eve resolution and that and ceasing smoking on New Year's Eve 1973 were the only ones l have ever kept.

    1. ... yes and no. I also pity your daughter, for not having the chance to know what fast food tastes like.

      there are plenty of places in my city where the only foods come from a minimarket or fast food. and not everybody's got a car.

      1. I still remember my first trip to McDonalds. My cousins were visiting us in Montana from Chicago, and they HAD to go through the drive-through to get an order of fries. I watched in disgust as they squeezed packets of ketchup into a napkin and dipped the fries. I couldn't believe that these sophisticated city folks ate such crap. We were a large family that raised and grew a lot of our own food, not because we were snobs, but because we had the land and not a lot of money. A trip to A&W was a once-a-year treat after burning ditches or bucking hay.

        Even though fast food was mostly absent from my childhood, I still went through a lazy period in my 20s where I didn't have much interest in cooking for myself (maybe because I worked as a cook), and I found myself eating a lot of fast food. I always felt like it was a phase, and that I'd revert back to better eating habits once my life and home situation was more stable. Fast forward to age 29, I bought a house, settled into my career, and my food habits reverted back to how I was raised. Today, we eat as little processed food as possible, and the only prepared food in our pantry are a couple boxes of dry pasta and taco shells. I ordered a frozen dessert from McDs a few months ago, and I couldn't finish more than a couple bites without getting a bad case of GERD.

        Fast food is that prevalent, but you're certainly not weird. I imagine most kids (and adults) go through periods where they don't eat as good as they should, or even eat how they want. How you raise your daughter will have a lasting impression on her, and she will likely adopt the same good eating habits as an adult. She might develop a taste for chicken nuggets during her sleep deprived college years, but she'll get over it.

        1. A lot of it is how one defines "fast food". Are we just talking about national chains? I haven't been in a MacDonalds in years, but I had a burrito from a local small chain just last week that took about 60 seconds to assemble and wrap up.

          I think Subway is gross and would never eat there, but I had an eggplant parm sub recently from a local pizzza shop. Fast food or no?

          1. I think you're probably in the minority, velochic.

            I probably do fast food about once a month because my kids actually think it's a treat. But given that I just paid $3.50 the other day for a sausage and egg mcmuffin and then $5.00 for a sad looking and small side of corn cake at El Pollo Loco on another occasion, coupled with this economy, I have a feeling the tide is going to turn a bit.

            Fast food used to be a reasonable economic tradeoff - inferior food for benefit of time and budget. But when breakfast for one at Cracky D's runs 5 to 7 bucks, it doesn't make much sense for a lot of people anymore...